Back to the 80's!


Writers: Neil Gooding


Show Information

Conceived By
Number of Acts
First Produced
Comedy, Jukebox/Revue
Contemporary, Multiple Settings
Time & Place
1980s high school
Cast Size
Orchestra Size
Rock Combo
Some Dance
Ideal for
Community Theatre, Diverse Cast, Ensemble Cast, High School, Large Cast, Regional Theatre, Star Vehicle Female, Star Vehicle Male, Theatre
Casting Notes
Mostly male cast
Includes late teen, adult characters


A pop culture trip down memory lane, Back to the 80’s tells the story of Corey Palmer and his senior year of high school: his best friends, the class bully, and the girl he loves. In the present day, Corey takes us back to William Ocean High School, watching himself and his friends Kirk and Alf start their bid to be senior class president and vice-presidents, only to have the opportunity stolen by bully Michael Feldman. To make Corey’s life worse, Michael has also stolen away Tiffany Houston, Corey’s longtime crush. But this isn’t the only relationship on the rocks: teachers Mr. Cocker and Ms. Brannigan are fighting in their not-so-secret romance, Michael is posing as new girl Eileen’s mysterious secret admirer, and Tiffany’s friend Cyndi doesn’t want to give admirer Billy the time of day. Add in a charity concert for Africa, a Star Wars-inspired dream sequence, and a final showdown between Michael and class geek Feargal McFerrin, and Back to the 80’s is a non-stop collection of music, movie, and TV Easter Eggs for all ages. The jukebox score includes a wide variety of popular hits such as “Video Killed the Radio Star,” “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” “Love Shack,” “Footloose,” and “The Time of My Life.”

Lead Characters

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