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Writers: Neil Gooding


Raquel DePorto

Los Angeles, CA

David Schrader

Lindenhurst, New York

  • Corey Jr./Corey Sr. at South Shore Theatre Experience (2019)

Eilidh Arthur

Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Laura Wilde at Bo’ness Academy (2023)

Ella Buchan

Aberdeen, Scotland

Emily Craig

Glasgow, Scotland

Jared Kehler

State College, Pennsylvania

Jessica Marquis

Robertsdale, AL

  • Debby Fox at The Ace

Landon Small

Seal Beach, California

  • Billy Arnold at Los Alamitos High School

Zoe O’Gorman

Waterford, WD

  • Cyndi Gibson at Theatre royal waterford (2022)
  • Tiffany Houston at Theatre royal waterford (2022)

Oisin Bailey

Portlaoise, Leinster

  • Micheal Feldman at Heywood C.S. (2020)

Madison Waters

Atlanta, Georgia

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