Mary Poppins


Writers: Julian Fellowes Robert B. Sherman Richard M. Sherman George Stiles Anthony Drewe


Elise Gerkin

Davison, Michigan

  • Ensemble at Dance and Theatre Connection (2019)

Grace Buza

Westwood, MA

  • Bert at Bay Colony Preforming Arts Academy (2018)

Betsy Geraldine Green

Bend, Oregon

Hana Franco

Modesto, CA

  • Ensemble at YES Company (2014)

Haven Foster

Dallas, TX

  • Miss Andrew at Lucas Christian Academy (2020)

Connor Hearn

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

  • Park Keeper at EAHS (2024)

Henry Barry

Columbia, SC

  • Robertson Aye at Columbia Children’s Theatre (2019)

Isabella Fernandes

San Diego, California

Jakob Creighton

London, England

  • Valentine/Ensemble at Capitol Theatre (2018)

Catie Jamieson

Irvine, California

Catherine Jane

Dallas, Texas

  • Katie Nanna at Shine Performing Arts Studio (2024)

Breanna Johansen

Fort Collins, Colorado

  • ensemble at the academy by diva bee

John Harley

Fredericton, New Brunswick

  • Bert at Harbour View High School (2017)

Joshua Gentry

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Juani Figueroa Cebrián

Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires

  • Protagonist at Escuela de Comedia Musical Valeria Lynch (Sede Bahía Blanca)

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