Pique Dame


Writers: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Modest Ilyich Tchaikovsky



Act 1

  1. Chorus of children and nurses - Chorus, children, governesses, nurses, boys, Boy Commander

  2. Scene and aria Gherman ‘Я имени её не знаю’ (I do not know her name) - Chekalinsky, Surin, Gherman, Tomsky

  3. Chorus of Promenading Public and Scene ‘Наконец то Бог послал’ (Finally, God sent) - Promenaders, Tomsky, Gherman, Chekalinsky, Surin, Prince Yeletsky, Liza, Countess

  4. Quintett and Scene ‘мне страшно’ (I’m scared) - Liza, Countess, Gherman, Prince Yeletsky, Tomsky

  5. Scene and Ballad of Tomsky ‘Какая ведьма эта графиня’ (What a witch this countess) and ‘Однажды в версале’ (Once in Versailles) - Surin, Chekalinsky, Tomsky

  6. Thunderstorm (Гроза) - Chekalinsky, Surin, Chorus, Gherman

  7. Duet ‘Ужe ветер, облаков померкнули края’ (Already evening, the clouds’ edges are darkened) - Liza, Pauline

  8. Scene and Pauline’s Romance and Russian song with Chorus ‘Подруги милые’ (Dear friends) - Chorus, Liza, Pauline

  9. Scene and aria of the Governess ‘Mesdemoiselles, что здесь у васъ за шумъ?’ (Ladies, what is this noise?’ and ‘Барышням вашего круга’ (Young ladies of the circle) - Governess

  10. Final scene ‘Пора уже расходиться’ (It’s time to separate) and Liza’s aria ‘Зачем же эти слёзы’ (Why these tears?) - Pauline, Liza, Masha, Gherman, Countess

Act 2

  1. Entr’act and Chorus ‘Радостно, весело’ (Joyful, fun) -Chorus

  2. Scene and aria of the Prince ‘Хозяинъ и бросит дорогих гостей’ (Master and illustrious guests)‘ and ‘Я вас люблю’ (I love you) - Master of Ceremonies, Chekalinsky, Surin, Tomsky, Prince Yeletsky, Liza

  3. Scene ‘Скорее бы увидеть и бросить эту мысль’ (Rather see and give up this idea) - Gherman, Surin, Chekalinsky, Guests, Master of Ceremonies

  4. Interlude “Искренность пастушки” (The Shepherdesses’ Sincerity) - Chorus, Prilepa, Milovzor, Zlatagor

14a. Chorus of Shepherds and Shepherdesses

14b. Sarabande

  1. Closing Scene ‘Мой миленький дружок’ (My dear friend) - Gherman, Countess, Surin, Liza, Master of Ceremonies, Chorus

  2. Scene and chorus ‘Все так, как мне она сказала’ (Everything is as I was told by her) - Gherman, Chorus, Liza, Masha, Countess

  3. Final scene ‘Не пугайтесь! Ради бога не пугайтесь’ (Do not be scared! For God’s sake do not be scared!) - Gherman, Countess, Liza

Act 3

  1. Entr’act and Scene ‘Бедняжка! Бъ какую пропасть я завлек сё’ (Poor thing! In what an abyss did she lure me) - Gherman, Chorus

  2. Scene ‘Мне страшно! Страшно!’ (I’m scared! Fearful! - Gherman, Countess’s Ghost

  3. Scene and Liza’s Aria ‘Уж полночь близится … Ах, истомилась’ (It’s almost midnight…. Ah, I’m tired) - Liza

  4. Scene and Duet ‘А если мне в ответ часы пробьют’ (And if the clock strikes in answer) - Liza, Gherman

  5. Chorus and Scene ‘Будем пить и веселиться’ (Let’s drink and have fun) - Chorus, Surin, Chaplinsky, Narumov, Prince Yeletsky, Tomsky

  6. Tomsky’s song with chorus ‘Если б милые девицы так могли’ (If all the lovely girls could…) - Tomsky, Chorus, Chekalinsky, Chaplinsky, Narumov, Surin

  7. Final Scene ‘За дело, господа, за карты!’ (For business, gentlemen, for the cards) - Chekalinsky, Chorus, Chaplinsky, Narumov, Prince Yeletsky, Gherman, Surin, Tomsky, Countess’s Ghost

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.

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