Street Scene


Writers: Kurt Weill Langston Hughes


Act One

No. 1 Introduction and Opening Ensemble ‘Ain’t it awful the heat’ and ‘Oi de moiders!’ - Kaplan, An elderly man, Man munching peanuts, A voice, Mrs. F, Mrs. J, Mrs. O, Olsen, Shirley, 2 Salvation army girls

No. 2 Blues ‘I got a marble and a star’ - Henry, Mrs J

No.3 Scene and Trio ‘ You wouldn’t think a married woman’ - A boy, Willie, Anna Maurrant, Mrs F, Mrs J, Mrs O, A girl and a boy

Dialogue: ‘Be careful she’s coming!’ - Mrs J, Anna Maurrant, Mrs F, Mrs O, Olsen, Sam, Buchanan

No. 4 Arietta ‘When a woman has a baby’ - Buchanan, Mrs F, Anna Maurrant, Mrs J, Mrs B

No. 5 Scene and Aria ‘She shouldn’t be staying out nights’ - Maurrant, Anna Maurrant, Mrs Fiorentino, Jones

Aria ‘Somehow I never could believe’ - Anna Maurrant, Mrs J, Mrs F, Jones, Children, Mrs. Olsen

No. 6 Scene and Quartett ‘Get a load of that’ - Sankey, Mrs J, Mrs F, Anna Maurrant, Jones, A Voice, Olsen, Mrs O, Maurrant

Dialogue: ‘They need a lot of looking after’ - Maurrant, Mrs K, Lippo, Olsen, Mrs F

No. 7 Ice-cream Sextet ‘First time I come to da America’ - Lippo, Mrs J, Mrs F, Mrs O, Jones, Olsen, Henry

Dialogue ‘Here’s your wife now Mr. Maurrant’ - Anna Maurrant, Lippo, Maurrant, Kaplan, Shirley, Olsen, Jones, Mrs F, Mrs J

No. 8 ‘Let things be like they always was’ - Maurrant

Dialogue ‘And I tell you it’s time something was done, to put the fear of God into people’ - Maurrant, Mrs. F, Lippo, Olsen, Jones

No. 9 Scene and Ensemble ‘Hail to the school that floats the banner blue’ and ‘Wrapped in a ribbon and tied in a bow’ - Children, Jones, Mrs. F, Anna Maurrant, Mrs. J, Jenny, Mrs. H, Charlie and Mary, Mrs. O, Olsen, Lippo, Henry, Grace, Three Graduation Girls, Buchanan, Sankey

Dialogue ‘Say, go right ahead. Don’t let me stop you’ - Sankey, Anna Maurrant, Mrs. J, Maurrant, Mrs. H, Willie, Sam, Mrs. F, Lippo, Jones

No. 10 Arioso ‘Lonely House’ - Sam

Dialogue ‘This is where I live Mr. Easter’ - Rose, Mrs. F, Easter, Mrs. O

No. 11 Scene and Song ‘Wouldn’t you like to be on Broadway?’ - Rose, Easter, Mrs. J

No. 12 Cavatina and Scene ‘I’ve looked in the window at diamonds’ and ‘What good would the moon be?’ - Rose, Easter, Maurrant

Dialogue ‘I think the baby’s coming’ - Buchanan, Rose, Mae, Dick

No. 13 Song, Scene and Dance ‘Moonfaced, starryeyed’ - Dick, Mae

Dialogue ‘I’ll say’ - Dick, Mae, Buchanan, Rose, Vincent, Sam, Mrs. J

No. 14 Duet ‘Pain, nothing but pain’ - Rose, Sam

Finaletto ‘Miss Maurrant’ - Buchanana, Rose, Dr Wilson ‘And don’t forget the lilac bush’ - Sam, Rose, Maurrant ‘I got a marble and a star’ - Henry

Act Two

Scene One

No. 15 Introduction and Children’s Game ‘Fat, fat the water rat’ - Jones, Dr. Wilson, Buchanan, Dick, Mae, Policeman, Milkman, Tramp, Rose, Henry, Joan, Myrtle, Sam, Willie, Mrs. J., Workman, Lippo, A Voice, Charlie, Children, Grace, Joe,

Dialogue ‘Hello Rose’ - Sam, Rose, Shirley, Mrs. F, Buchanan, Lippo, Anna Maurrant, A Voice, Mrs J, Mary, Charlie, Maurrant

No. 16 Scene and Trio ‘I was up all night’ - Maurrant, Rose, Anna Maurrant, Mrs J

Dialogue ‘Look out Ma. Somebody’s coming’ - Rose, Jones, Anna Maurrant, Willie

No. 17 Song ‘Somebody’s going to be so handsome’ - Anna Maurrant, Willie, Rose

Dialogue ‘I put some water on to boil’ - Rose, Anna Maurrant, Shirley, Vincent, Sam

No. 18 Duet and Scene ‘When birds get old enough’ - Rose, Sam, Easter, A distant voice, Buchanan, Anna Maurrant, Sankey

Dialogue ‘Dis is it’ - James Henry (Marshall), Fred Cullen (his assistant), Sam, Henry, A voice, An Old-Clothes Man, Mrs. J, Maurrant, Sam, Anna Maurrant, A Workman, A Man, Olsen, Policeman, Another Man, Grocery Boy, Officer Murphy, Buchanan, Ambulance-Driver, Girl (piano player), Intern, Rose

No. 19 Choral Scene and Lament ‘Who’s she… her daughter… poor thing’ and ‘Now love and death have linked their arms together’ - Crowd, Mrs K, Sam, Rose, Intern, Marshal, Policeman, Anna Maurrant, Fred


Scene Two

Dialogue ‘All right. That’s all Charlie’ - Two furniture movers, two nursemaids

No. 20 Lullaby ‘Sleep baby dear’ - Two nursemaids, Officer Murphy

No. 21 Scene ‘She never opened her eyes again’ - Rose, Murphy, Henry, Sam, Shirley

Dialogue ‘Papa the police are going to make me testify against Maurrant’ - Sam, Olsen, Mrs. O, Shirley, Murphy, Buchanan, Mrs. J, Rose, Mrs. F, Two policemen

No. 22 Finale ‘Rose, you’re wearing a black dress’ and ‘Ain’t it awful the heat’ - Maurrant, Rose, Officer Murphy, Chorus, Sam, Man, Woman, Shirley, Mrs. F, Kaplan, Mrs. O, Child, Mrs. J, Henry, Sailor and two girls

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.

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