Act I

Don Magnifico presides over his broken down mansion where he, his two daughters, Clorinda and Tisbe, live along with his stepdaughter Cenerentola (Cinderella). Cenerentola’s real name is Angelina, but they call her Cenerentola because she serves the family as a maid. Cenerentola is alone, sweeping the kitchen, while she sings a song to herself about a king who found his beloved wife among the common people of his kingdom.

A beggar appears at the door of their mansion, and while the stepsisters are appalled by his appearance and send him away, Cenerentola invites him inside for some coffee and bread. While the beggar is inside, several members of court enter the house to announce that Prince Ramiro will be coming to call on the family, as he is looking for a beautiful woman to be his wife. The stepsisters are thrilled and run to get more jewelry. Magnifico is woken up by all the commotion, and yells at the girls for waking him during a dream of a donkey that sprouted wings. When

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