Porgy and Bess


Writers: George Gershwin DuBose Heyward Ira Gershwin



  • Summertime” - Clara
  • “Roll Dem Bones” - Mingo, Sportin’ Life, Jake, Robbins, Jim, Crap Shooters
  • “A Woman Is a Sometime Thing” - Jake, Sportin’ Life, Ensemble
  • “Porgy’s Entrance” - Ensemble
  • “Crap Game” - Ensemble
  • “The Killing of Robbins” - Ensemble
  • “Gone, Gone, Gone” - Ensemble
  • “Overflow” - Ensemble
  • My Man’s Gone Now” - Serena
  • “Leaving for the Promised Land” - Bess, Ensemble


  • “It Takes a Long Pull to Get There” - Jake, Fishermen
  • I Got Plenty O’ Nuttin’” - Porgy, Ensemble
  • “I Hates Yo’ Struttin’ Style” - Maria
  • “Picnics Is All Right…” - Sportin’ Life, Bess
  • “Bess, You Is My Woman Now” - Porgy
  • “Oh, I Can’t Sit Down” - Ensemble
  • “I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' (Reprise)” - Porgy
  • “I Ain’t Got No Shame” - Ensemble
  • “It Ain’t Necessarily So” - Sportin’ Life, Ensemble
  • “Shame On All You Sinners!” - Serena
  • “What You Want With Bess?” - Bess, Crown
  • “Oh, Doctor Jesus” - Serena, Peter, Porgy, Maria
  • “Vendors Trio” - Strawberry Woman, Peter the Honeyman, Crab Man
  • “I Was Powerful Sick” - Bess, Porgy
  • “I Loves You Porgy” - Porgy, Bess
  • “Oh, Doctor Jesus (Reprise)” - Ensemble
  • “Summertime (Reprise)” - Clara
  • “Oh, There’s Somebody Knocking at the Door” - Peter, Mingo, Maria, Ensemble
  • “A Red Headed Woman” - Crown


  • “Clara Don’t You Be Downhearted” - Women
  • “Summertime (Reprise)” - Bess
  • There’s a Boat Dat’s Leavin’ Soon for New York” - Sportin’ Life
  • “Bess, Oh Where’s My Bess?” - Porgy, Maria, Serena
  • “Oh Lord, I’m on My Way” - Porgy, Ensemble

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.

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