Little Women


Writers: Mark Adamo Louisa May Alcott



Act One

  • Recit. - “Barrister! It’s quarter past!” (Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy, Laurie)
  • Anthem - “Again we meet to celebrate” (Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy)
  • Recit. - “Major, Minor” (Meg, Jo, Amy, Laurie, Beth)
  • Ensemble - “Truth or Fabrication” (Amy, Beth, Meg, Jo, Laurie)
  • Recit. - “Supper! Half an Hour” (Alma, Amy, Beth, Jo, Meg, Laurie)
  • Aria - “Perfect as we are” (Jo)
  • Recit. - “Rigmarole?” (Brooke, Meg, Jo, Laurie)
  • Aria - “There was a knight, once…” (Brooke, Meg, Jo, Laurie)
  • Recit. - “Oh, this cannot be borne” (Jo, Meg, Brooke, Laurie)
  • Chorale - “He that is down need fear no fall” (Beth, Alma, Meg, Gideon, Jo, Amy, Laurie)
  • Recit. - “Our own Fanny Mendelssohn” (Amy, Jo, Meg, Gideon, Beth, Alma, Laurie, Brooke, Cecilia)
  • Recit. - “Mr. John Brooke” (Meg, Cecilia, Brooke, Jo)
  • Interlude - (Chorus, Meg, Brooke, Jo)
  • Aria - “Things change, Jo” (Meg)
  • Recit. - “I understand” (Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy)
  • Recit. - “Aunt! Now, I haven’t done any shading yet” (Amy, Gideon, Cecilia, Alma, Meg, Brooke, Beth, Jo, Laurie)
  • Aria & Duet - “We stand together” (Alma, Jo, Beth, Meg, Amy, Gideon)
  • Recit. - “Jupiter Ammon!” (Laurie, Alma, Brooke, Gideon, Meg, Jo, Beth)
  • Recit. - “What is it, Laurie? (Meg, Alma, Brooke, Gideon, Jo, Laurie)
  • Duet - “Things change” (Laurie, Jo, Meg, Alma, Brooke, Gideon, Amy)

Act Two

  • Scherzo - “Cockling?” (Dashwood, Jo)
  • Ensemble - “Letter scene” (Jo, Amy, Meg, Alma, Brooke, Gideon, Laurie, Beth)
  • Nocturne - “But that’s why I loved it!” (Jo, Bhaer, Laurie, Amy)
  • Aria - “Kennst du das Land” (Bhaer, Jo)
  • Fantasia - (Jo, Bhaer, Alma)
  • Recit. - “She’s asked for you” (Gideon, Beth, Jo)
  • Aria - “Have peace, Jo” (Beth, Jo)
  • Chorale - (Chorus, Jo)
  • Recit. - “That’s the trouble with solitaire” (Cecilia, Jo)
  • Aria & Duet - “Joy beyond measure, Mother” (Jo, Amy, Laurie)
  • Recit. - “She sounds very happy” (Jo, Cecilia)
  • Aria - “You alone” (Cecilia, Jo)
  • Soliloquy - “So the days go by” (Jo, Chorus, Laurie, Amy, Beth, Meg)
  • Aria & Quartet - “Let me look at you” (Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy, Bhaer)
  • Postlude - “We stand together” (Jo, Bhaer, Amy, Beth, Meg, Alma, Cecilia, Laurie, Brooke, Gideon)

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.

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