Suor Angelica


Writers: Giacomo Puccini Giovacchino Forzano


Suor Angelica is a through-composed piece without strict scene delineations. Guidelines given here are intended to give a general idea of the different events which occur through the opera, and which characters are involved. Scene titles are author’s own.

Opening Prayer ‘Ave Maria’ All Sisters and Chorus of Sisters

The Reprimands ‘Sorella in humilta’ - La Zelatrice, La Maestra delle Novizie, Le Due Converse, Suor Osmina, Suor Lucilla, Chorus of Sisters

The story of the fountainO sorelle, sorelle’ - Suor Genovieffe, La Maestra delle Novizie, Una Novizia, Suor Angelica, Chorus of Sisters

Discussion on desire ‘Noi non possiamo nemmen da vive avere desideri’ - La Zelatrice, Suor Genovieffe, Suor Dolcina, Suor Angelica, Una Novizia, Chorus of Sisters

The Nurse ‘Suor Angelica, sentite!’ - La Sorella Infermiera, Suor Angelica, Chorus of Sisters

The Alms ‘Laudate Maria!’ - Due Sorelle Cercatrici, Suor Dolcina, La Zelatrice, Chorus of Sisters

An Arrival ‘Chi e venuto stasera in parlatorio?’ - Sorella Cercatrice I, Suor Angelica, Suor Genovieffa, Chorus of Sisters

A Guest is Announced ‘Suor Angelica’ - La Badessa, Suor Angelica, Chorus of Sisters

La Principessa ‘Il Principe Gualtiero vostro padre’ and ‘Nel silenzio di quei raccoglimenti’ - La Zia Principessa, Suor Angelica

Angelica aloneSenza mamma, o bimbo, tu sei morto!’ - Suor Angelica

The Sisters returning from the graveyard ‘Sorella, o buona sorella’ - Suor Genovieffa, Suor Angelica, Chorus of Sisters

Angelica makes her poisonSuor Angelica ha sempre una ricetta buona fatta coi fiori’ - Suor Angelica

The miracle ‘O gloriosa virginum’ - Suor Angelica, SSSTB Chorus plus Children.

A song with an asterisk (*) before the title indicates a dance number; a character listed in a song with an asterisk (*) by the character's name indicates that the character exclusively serves as a dancer in this song, which is sung by other characters.

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