Writers: Jez Butterworth


Show Information

Number of Acts
First Produced
Drama, Dark Comedy
Period, Unit/Single Set
Time & Place
Ezra’s Atlantic Club, Soho, London, 1958
Cast Size
Ideal for
All-Male Cast, College/University, Mature Audiences, Professional Theatre, Regional Theatre, Small Cast
Casting Notes
Mostly male cast
Includes late teen, young adult, adult characters


Jez Butterworth’s Mojo is set in Soho’s Atlantic Club during the summer of 1958. The club is run by local gangster, Ezra, and his seventeen-year-old rock 'n' roll protégé, Silver Johnny, is currently causing a sensation at the club. All the girls love him, and he is in demand as a performer. As the play opens, Silver Johnny’s future is being decided in an unseen meeting between Ezra and rival gangster, Sam Ross. Sweets and Potts, flying high on amphetamines, wait outside the meeting and describe what’s going on inside. They are part of Ezra’s gang and they are soon joined by two others, Skinny, and Baby, who is Ezra's son. Baby enjoys tormenting and torturing, Skinny, while the jukebox blares out the latest rock ‘n’ roll hits.

In the midst of the chaos, Sam Ross kills Ezra and kidnaps Silver Johnny. The gang realize they are now in a perilous situation and, led by Mickey (Ezra's second in command), they barricade themselves inside the club and arm themselves in preparation for an attack. Although he is Ezra's son and heir, Baby suggests to Mickey that they run the club together, but he is rebuffed by the older man. In a violent power struggle, Baby makes Mickey realize how much he underestimated him. Baby is more than a match for his new boss, and he relishes watching Mickey’s downfall.

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