Act One

Sephy, a Cross, and Callum, a Nought, gather at their private meeting point on the beach. Sephy has been helping Callum study for the entrance place to Heathcroft High School (which will now take a couple of Noughts each year) and the pair have been good friends for several years, despite their racial differences. Callum asks to kiss Sephy for the first time and both enjoy the experience. However, their private moment is interrupted by the sound of Sephy’s mother, Jasmine, who has come to find her daughter.

Arriving back at his house, Callum introduces his family to the audience. His sister, Lynette, is in her own world, convinced that she is black and therefore a Cross, rather than a Nought. Her behavior sparks an argument between Callum, who protects his sister, and his brother, Jude, who uses the opportunity to take a dig at his brother and his educational aspirations. However, Callum’s parents are proud of him. At the school gates, Sephy gears up for the first day back. An

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