The Crucible


Writers: Arthur Miller


Aidan W Kurth

New York, NY

  • Reverend Samuel Parris at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory (2019)

Anna Mae Skinner

Erie, PA

  • Rebecca Nurse at Villa Maria Academy (2019)

Lily Wirth

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Tim Keppler

Greenwood, South Carolina

  • Ezekiel Cheever at The Farm Theatre (1994)

Kathi Baker

Eau Claire, WI

Noah Payeur

Worcester, Massachusetts

  • John Proctor at Specialized Theatre Enrichment Program (2016)

Sara Parisa

Dallas, TX

Kate Tocci

Dedham, Massachusetts

  • Mary Warren at Dedham High School

Emily Collett

Provo, Utah

  • Susanna Walcott at Centennial High School (2016)


West Chester, PA

  • Betty Parris at Wc East High school

Fiona Bowman

Cotati, California

  • Rebecca Nurse at Analy High School (2019)

Alanah Grant

Poultney, VT

  • Judge Danforth/Hathorne at Green Mountain College (2017)

Allison Hoffmann


  • Props at Kettering Fairmont (2016)

Titus Hood

Indianapolis, IN

  • John Willard at Plainfield High School Drama Department (2022)

Jamaica Brewster

Greenville, SC

  • Susanna Walcott at Warehouse theatre (2019)

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