Romeo and Juliet


Writers: William Shakespeare


Korinne Mehta

Falmouth, Maine

  • Abraham at Shepherd Hill Reg. High School (1999)

Osrick Goof

Tivoli, NY

Ricki Julieane

Gowen, Michigan

  • Tybalt (Juliet Understudy) at Greenville Community Center (2022)

Sayre DeBruler

Libertyville, IL

  • Prince Escapes at Improv Playhouse (2015)
  • Valentino at Libertyville High School (2020)

Sienna Depolo

New York, NY

  • Juliet at CLCTD (2019)

Hannes Stenstrom

New Haven, Connecticut

Rebekah Tuck

Northampton, England

  • Ensemble at School production (2019)

Victoria Clayton

Sherborne, England

  • Director at Sherborne

Alli Wood

American Fork, Utah

Ella Woolford

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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