Alice in Wonderland


Writers: Jason Pizzarello


Amelia Murphy

Iver, England

  • Guard at Triple Threat (2022)

Abby Nest

Jacksonville, FL

  • alice ada at fort caroline middle school

Nora B

Madison, WI

  • Cook at USM

Olivia Griego

Austin, Texas

  • Alice at Kids Acting Studio (2023)

Rebecca Curran

New York, NY

  • The Queen of Hearts at Brielle Elementary School (2019)

Sam Estiban

Mequon, WI

  • Lory/Lorina/Violet/Lion/Card at Homestead High School (2022)

Shannon Costis

Chicago, IL

  • Costumer at CCSD59 (2023)
  • Stagehand at Iowa State University

Naomi Silva

Fairfax, Virginia

  • The White Rose at Adagio Ballet Company (2018)

Emma Sperber

Cincinnati, OH

  • Petunia at Moss Performing Arts Academy (2019)

Gabrielle Szafranski

Naperville, IL

  • March Hare at Indian Valley Theatre

Aristotle Taylor

Duluth, Minnesota

Portman Waite

Basingstoke, England

  • White Rabbit / Duchess Baby at Cranbourne Drama Department

Darby Wilson

Hudson, Ohio

Zoey Newcomb

Sheridan, AR

  • White Rabbit at Grant County Theater (2022)

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