Troilus and Cressida


Writers: William Shakespeare


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Number of Acts
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Mostly male cast
Includes late teen, young adult, adult, mature adult characters


In the later years of the Trojan War, Troilus, a prince of Troy, tries to woo Cressida, a fellow Trojan. They fall in love, but she is sent as a part of a prisoner exchange to the opposing camp. Diomedes, a Greek prince, flirts with her, and Troilus, seeing this, vows revenge. Meanwhile, the Greek general Agamemnon tries to convince Achilles to go face the Trojan hero, Hector. Ajax goes to face Hector, but before they even begin fighting, they make peace between each other. When Achilles' friend and lover, Patroclus, is killed by Hector, Achilles goes to battle. Eventually, they defeat the Trojans, and Hector is killed. Cressida eventually agrees to be Diomedes' lover, and Troilus and the remaining Trojans retreat to within the city to mourn.

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