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Speed-the-Plow is another of Mamet's business plays, this one exploring the relationship between business and art. Bobby and Charlie are film producers who are considering greenlighting the script for a prison buddy movie that they believe will be a huge blockbuster. Bobby has been reading an apocalyptically spiritual novel that has deep meaning, but Charlie points out that this book would never make a great movie. After the temp, Karen, leaves the office, Charlie bets Bobby that he cannot get her into bed. When she returns, Bobby asks her to read the novel and give him her thoughts later. That night, at Bobby's home, she makes an impassioned case for filming the novel, saying that it's Bobby's chance to do good. They sleep together. The next day, Bobby tells Charlie he is greenlighting the book instead of the action movie. Charlie, ever the pragmatist, sees through what's going on and challenges Karen -- would she have slept with Bobby if he had said no to the novel? She admits that she wouldn't have. Bobby fires her, and he and Charlie proceed with their movie.

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