The Petrified Forest


Writers: Robert E. Sherwood


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Number of Acts
Cast Size
Casting Notes
Mostly male cast
Includes adult, mature adult, late teen, young adult, elderly characters


Alan Squier, a cynical British intellectual, arrives at a desert service station owned by Jason Maple. He ends up falling in love with Jason's daughter, Gabby, but her boyfriend, Boze, becomes jealous. Later, the four of them, along with two wealthy tourists, Mr. and Mrs. Chisholm, are held hostage in a restaurant by Duke Mantee and his gang. Alan asks Duke to kill him so that Gabby can fulfill her dream to go to Paris using the insurance money from his death. The police arrive, and Duke grabs the Chisholms to try and escape. He shoots Alan on the way out, and both of them end up dying, though at least Alan dies knowing that Gabby will be able to fulfill her dream.

Lead Characters

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