The Notebook of Trigorin


Writers: Tennessee Williams


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Includes young adult, adult, mature adult characters


Tennessee Williams' fresh adaption of the Chekhov's classic brings to life the story of Constantine, the sensitive young writer, whose quest for love, art and acceptance is larger than life itself.

Young playwright, Constantine, premieres his new play at his uncles lakeside estate; before family, friends and Nina, the young actress that he has deep feelings for. Constantine's mother, the famous actress Madame Arakadina (and Prima Donna), not one to suppress her true feelings for her son's contribution to the theatre, lets everyone know that she abhors it. Constantine sulks over his life, his art and continues to dote on Nina even though she only has eyes for Arkadina's companion, the established writer, Trigorin. Scorn and jealousy get the better of Constantine as Trigorin becomes more and more the object of affection for both Nina and Arkadina. The lives of these individuals as well as others in this tight knit ensemble soon find their dreams, infidelities and their self- deceptions revealed. As with most of Chekhov's plays, these individuals struggle to find sympathy, love and understanding.

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