The Birds

The Birds




The Birds tells the story of two Athenians, Pithetaerus and Euelpides, who set out in search of a better life. Eschewing the city life they've known, which crowded, noisy and full of annoying pests such as poets, lawyers, philosophers and tax collectors, they seek out Epops for advice. They ask Epops, king of the birds, where he might advise as the ideal place for them settle. After some thought, they decide that the life of the birds is ideal for them, and convince the king to create a new city, called Cloud Cuckoo-land. They believe that having control of the air and the sacrificial smoke that passes through it will give them power to control both the gods and the mortals on Earth.

Show Information

Number of Acts
2 Acts
Time & Place
Cast Size
Casting Notes
Mostly male cast

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