Southern Sirens


New Work
Writers: Alicia Lane Dutton


Show Information

Number of Acts
First Produced
Contemporary, Unit/Single Set
Time & Place
Present Day
Cast Size
Ideal for
All-Female Cast, Community Theatre
Casting Notes
Mostly female cast
Includes adult, mature adult, young adult characters


Every year without fail, middle aged ladies, Grace, Lilah, Celia, Kristin, and Bridget, have an all girls’ beach getaway. After checking into the avant garde beach house, Atlantis, the five ladies begin drinking margaritas and divulging some of their biggest secrets to one another.

In her luggage, Grace finds her husband Preston’s pants wrapped up in her sarong. (It was a role playing thing.) In them, she finds a note from Dixie Lynn Lee, the local homewrecker, soliciting him into an adulterous affair.

The five ladies rent a room at the seedy Rendezvous Motel just down the beach and devise a way to lure Dixie Lynn to the motel under false pretenses. When Dixie Lynn, aka “The Dixie,” arrives the ladies, disguised behind Mardi Gras masks from the party store, convince her that Preston has requested that she be tied up so he can pretend she is a damsel in distress. “The Dixie” suggests that they tie her to the vibrating bed. The ladies all decide that the young tramp should know what it is to walk in their shoes, having made sacrifices of mind and body to create and care for their families.

After trading in their feathered and sequined masks for a Dolly Parton costume, they individually enter the motel room to teach “The Dixie” a lesson. They each plot different ways to achieve this.

While Dixie is being playfully tortured by one of “the Dollies,” Grace comes in undisguised to rescue her, having seen her Mustang outside the motel with “The Dixie” airbrushed on the tag. An orchestrated catfight between Grace and Lilah takes place. Dixie, riddled with guilt that her victim has now become her champion, vows to change her ways and decides to live at the beach and not return to Spartanburg where the Dollies are always watching.

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