The Little Dog Laughed


Writers: Douglas Carter Beane


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Comedy, Dark Comedy
Time & Place
new york city, present, 2006
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Includes adult, young adult characters


Mitchell Green is a Hollywood star on his way to the A-list -- if he can only keep that pesky “recurring case of homosexuality” under wraps. When Mitchell falls for a young call-boy while in New York for a premiere, his acerbic, fast-talking Hollywood agent, Diane, takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, the call-boy, Alex, is trying to figure out what he wants: Mitchell, or best friend/lover Ellen. He is torn between his desires for glitter and money and his longing for love, with all its requisite complications. Throughout all this, the tabloid-mad public keeps at everyone’s heels, waiting anxiously for someone to fall. Douglas Carter Beane’s The Little Dog Laughed is a biting, timely comedy, that takes aim at the entertainment industry, sex and sexuality, and the way happy endings “should” look.

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