Laughing Wild


Writers: Christopher Durang


Show Information

Text And Format
Number of Acts
First Produced
Dark Comedy
Time & Place
multiple settings, late 1980s
Cast Size
Ideal for
College/University, Community Theatre, Regional Theatre, Small Cast, Star Vehicle Female, Star Vehicle Male
Casting Notes

Includes adult, mature adult characters


Laughing Wild shows us different perspectives of two troubled people trying to live in the chaos of New York City. Act One shows us the Woman, a disturbed individual prone to violent outbursts about people she hates like Sally Jesse Rapheal and Mother Theresa. She struggles for peace in her life, and wishes that people would understand her unique perspective. Act Two tells us about the Man, a truly anxious but kind person who is comically failing at shifting his personality to a positive perspective through affirmations and meditation. Hilarity ensues in Act Three when these two meet in a subconscious reality of overlapping dreams. Laughing Wild is a hysterical and unusual show that examines people’s quest for happiness in a heightened reality.

Lead Characters

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