You Can't Take It With You


Writers: Moss Hart George S. Kaufman


Samantha McFarland

Santaquin, Utah

  • Essie Carmichael at Salem Hills (2020)

Charles Slisz

Buffalo, New York

  • Grandpa Vanderhof at Niagara Regional Theater Guild (2013)

Stella Hays

Pittsburgh, PA

  • Rheba at Fox chapel area high school (2022)

Rob Stohlman

Willoughby, Ohio

Loki Swan

Thornton, CO

  • Alice Sycamore at Stargate HS Theater (2022)

Ava Murray-Swank

Louisville, CO

Katie Tucker

Greenville, SC

  • Miss Wellington at Bob Jones University (2018)

Tyler Hogan

Tampa, Florida

  • Grandpa at Troupe 2055 (2023)

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