Junior Miss


Writers: Jerome Chodorov Joseph Fields


Show Information

Number of Acts
First Produced
Period, Unit/Single Set
Time & Place
the graves’ apartment, new york city, 1930s
Cast Size
Ideal for
community theatre, high school theatre, college / university theatre
Casting Notes
Mostly male cast
Includes early teen, adult, late teen, mature adult, young adult characters


A humorous story of teen angst and misunderstandings, family dynamics and financial matters, Jerome Chodorov and Joseph Fields’ Junior Miss is a sweet and snarky comedy about the Graves, a middle-class family living in New York City, just prior to WWII. At the center of the family’s story is intense and imaginative young Judy Graves, who imagines that her family is full of Hollywood-style intrigue and heartbreaking drama. Hovering between childhood and the coveted maturity of high school, clumsy and melodramatic Judy gets no respect from her family: perpetually irritated father Harry, condescending and infuriatingly popular older sister Lois, even saintly mother Grace doesn’t seem to take her seriously. But when Judy thinks a confiding moment between her father and his boss’ daughter means they’re having an affair, she takes it upon herself to save her family from falling apart! Her scheme to set her father’s supposed mistress up with handsome Willis, Judy’s suspected jailbird uncle, succeeds all too well -- and precipitates a financial crisis for the Graves family. Judy’s father is nearly fired by his boss, who blames him for his daughter’s new, undesirable liaison. Supported by Fuffy, her snappy and energetic best friend, Judy proceeds to save the day and untangle the complicated web of tales she has woven around her family -- all while learning to walk in high heels, writing her autobiography, preparing for her first school party -- complete with a real live date -- and cheerfully eating everything in sight. Judy is a dynamic and entertaining heroine, and Junior Miss is a nostalgic comedy based on stories by Sally Benson, author of Meet Me in St. Louis. This wholesome family story is perfect for a wide variety of ages and communities.

Casting note: While there are 9 Featured Male characters in the Teen - Young Adult Range, with doubling, only 3 such actors are completely necessary.

Lead Characters