Too Much, Too Much, Too Many


Writers: Meghan Kennedy


Show Information

Number of Acts
First Produced
Simple/No Set
Time & Place
present day, lakefront estate in the us
Cast Size
Ideal for
schools, theatre companies of any size
Casting Notes

Includes adult, elderly, mature adult characters


A beautifully written piece about grieving the loss of the one whose love changed everything. A widow (Rose) & her adult daughter (Emma) are left behind to sort out what life looks like now that James is gone. Their own relationship seems foreign without him around, but they are stuck with each other. Emma is there to take care of her mother, but she has other reasons for this choice. Rose cocoons herself in the room she shared with James, unable to face life outside that door. Both are impacted by the local pastor coming to visit, each with an agenda and a brick wall that he manages pretty well under the circumstances. Not everyone who hides from life does it the same way, not everyone who grieves can be caught in the act.. This peak into the broken lives of the ones left behind is far from depressing, it’s as changeable & real as the lake outside the door of the house where it all happens.

Lead Characters

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