On the Verge, or, The Geography of Yearning


Writers: Eric Overmyer


Show Information

Number of Acts
First Produced
Comedy, Fairy Tale/Fantasy
Period, Fantasy/Imaginary, Multiple Settings, Simple/No Set
Time & Place
1888, 1955, terra incognita, the tropics, the himalayas, nicky paradise bar and grill, an esso station
Cast Size
Ideal for
professional / regional theatre, community theatre, college / university theatre, highschool theatre, small cast, strong ensemble
Casting Notes
Mostly male cast
Includes adult, mature adult, young adult, child, early teen, late teen characters


The year is 1888 when Mary, Fanny, and Alex, three women who are each intrepid world explorers in their own right, band together to conquer Terra Incognita, the last and most mysterious of unexplored territories. As they bushwhack their way through jungles, brave treacherous ice sheets, and negotiate passage across a bottomless Gorge, the ladies reminisce about their past adventures and sort out their personality differences. They encounter a chameleonic cannibal, an adorable young Yeti, and a Troll demanding a toll…. as well as a number of mysterious artifacts: egg beaters, dirigibles, political campaign buttons, and newspaper clippings from the 1900s… On this one-way journey through space and time, each lady discovers her own unique destiny in the beautiful, loud, and brightly lit future. Eric Overmyer’s On the Verge, or, The Geography of Yearning is a romping meditation on the outer and inner frontiers of the human condition, full of lyrical and hilarious dialogue and imagery both beautiful and surreal. It requires a sense of whimsy and a strong ensemble cast.

Casting note: The playwright intends that the Featured characters of Grover, Alphonse, the Gorge Troll, the Yeti, Mr. Coffee, Madame Nhu, Gus, and Nicky Paradise should all be played by one versatile Male actor.

Lead Characters

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