scene 1

The lights come up as the alarm clock begins to ring. Travis (Walter Lee and Ruth’s 10 year old son) is asleep on the living room couch, the only bedroom he has. Ruth enters sleepily and tries to wake him up. After her 3rd attempt, Travis gets up groggily and goes into the bathroom which is in the hallway and is shared by the other tenants on the floor (unfortunately including the Johnsons down the hall). Ruth begins to make breakfast, soon realizing that Walter Lee is still not up and has to get to work on time. After a few attempts with her husband (a little less gently as she awoke Travis), Walter Lee is up. He stumbles out of the bedroom and grumpily snaps at Ruth about waking him up before the bathroom is free, until he remembers the check and his mood shifts. He asks if the check is coming and Ruth reiterates that it is not coming until Saturday, which is tomorrow. Walter notices something is wrong with Ruth because she seems extra intolerant this morning, but she

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