Act One

At Hogwarts School, Scorpius Malfoy is still trapped in the alternative reality he and Albus Potter have created. The alternative headmistress, Professor Umbridge, worries that Scorpius is not the star pupil that he once was and wonders about his obsession with Harry Potter. Realizing he must disguise his true concerns, Scorpius assures her that it was only a temporary aberration and he is back to normal. He is confused and surprised to find himself the popular, desirable boy at school (a position he has never held). His confusion turns to concern when he learns that, in this world, he is the Scorpion King, responsible for the torture of Mudbloods (non-magical people).

At the Ministry of Magic, Scorpius finds that his father, Draco, is now the Head of Magical Law Enforcement and a largely unpleasant man. Scorpius realizes that the Malfoy family are now a powerful and dangerous force and he does not want to be part of it. Despite his violence towards his son, Draco asks him to

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