Fabulous Monsters


New Work
Writers: Diana Burbano


Show Information

Number of Acts
First Produced
Unit/Single Set
Time & Place
A punk club, 1970s LA, Present Day LA
Cast Size
Ideal for
Mostly Female Cast, Regional Theatre
Casting Notes
Mostly female cast
Includes late teen, mature adult, adult characters


L.A. 1977. The punk rock scene is in full swing. Two young Latinas meet at a band audition. Luisa is effortlessly sexy, and sings like an angel. Sally, though musically brilliant, is rough-edged, moody, and tortured by her fluctuating sexuality.

There's an undeniable symbiosis between them and they form their own band. Seemingly overnight they have fame and a following.

Enter Nigel, an older glam rocker. Seeking something new, he asks Sally to join his band. She's torn: the offer is intoxicating, but what about Luisa?

Sally accepts Nigel's offer. Luisa segues to a spectacular pop career strictly on her own. Sally feels a queasy mix of regret and contempt.

Thirty years pass. Drugs and hard-living have exacted a brutal toll on Sally and Nigel. Age and illness have dimmed Luisa’s star and diminished her powers. And Nigel is dying. To help him do so with dignity, Sally seeks Luisa's help. The gesture opens old wounds, but makes healing possible, too. They re-unite on stage and discover that two old broads can rock as hard as they ever did.

Lead Characters

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