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Acis and Galatea

The nymph Galatea and the shepherd Acis are in love. The shepherd, Damon, advises them both. Meanwhile, the monster Polyphemus is jealous and threatens Acis, while Coridon, another shepherd, advises him against violence. Polyphemus, however, crushes Acis with a massive stone. In response the half... read more


The opera concerns the question of whether the beautiful Adelia has kept her virginity. In fact, she has been having a secret affair with a young count, Oliviero. Given that nobleman and commoners are forbidden to date, Adelia’s father is enraged when he finds out about the affair causing furthe... read more

Adelson e Salvini

A three act opera about a young painter, Salvini, who falls in love with the fiance of the wealthy and powerful Lord Adelson, Nelly. Nelly's uncle, Struley, outlawed from Ireland, where the opera takes place, for some unspecified political offense, and a bitter enemy of Adelson, uses this passio... read more

Adriana Lecouvreur

The action takes place in the year 1730, in Paris. Adriana Lecouvreur, an actress at the Comédie-Française, is in love with Maurizio, the Count of Saxony. However, he cannot decide if he loves Adriana or the Principessa for much of the opera. The show centers on the rivalry between Adriana and... read more


Upon hearing the news that her husband, the Emperor Claudius, has died during a storm at sea, Agrippina Agrippina plots to secure the throne for Nero, her son by a previous marriage. With the support of Pallas and Narcissus, Nero is hailed as the new Emperor before the Senate. However, it turns... read more


The opera explores the rise and fall of the Pharaoh, Akhnaten. Akhnaten's short-lived but world-shattering reign was marked by his imposition of a monotheistic religious tradition on society that lead to immediate upheaval in the realms of artistic expression, architecture and social mores. read more

Alceste (Italian version)

Admetus is about to die, to the distress of the people of Thessaly and of his loving wife, Alcestis, and their two children. Upon the Oracle being consulted, it is learned that Admetus' life can be saved if another mortal dies in his place. Queen Alcestis offers herself and is accepted by the Fat... read more


The sorceress Alcina lures heroes to her enchanted island and changes them into rocks, streams, trees, and animals. Her latest captive is the crusader Ruggiero. Bradamante , disguised as a man, and Melisso come in search of him. Alcina's sister Morgana soon becomes attracted to the disguised Bra... read more

Alina, regina di Golconda

A young shepherd girl, Alina, is kidnapped by pirates and taken to the kingdom of Golconda. She soon becomes a queen. However, instead of choosing a local as her king, she longs for her former lover, Volmar. In a shocking coincidence, Volmar is now the French ambassador and is sent to Golconda. A... read more

Amelia Al ballo (Amelia Goes to the Ball)

Amelia wants to go to the ball and seemingly nothing will stop her. Even when her husband discovers that she has a lover and demands his name, she only agrees to give it to him if he will then go the ball. After her husband confronts her lover, she demands that they go to the ball. When he ref... read more