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The Tender Land

In the American heartland during the Great Depression, the provincial existence of a rural farming family hinges upon the high school graduation of the eldest daughter, Laurie Moss. However, on the eve of her graduation, Laurie finds herself questioning her place in the world and wondering what... read more

Tristan und Isolde

Tristan has been tasked with deliver the Irish princess, Isolde, to his uncle and her husband to be, King Marke of Cornwall. Isolde is furious at Tristan, and regrets sparing his life as he lay wounded on the battlefield, defeated by Isolde’s betrothed, Morold. She pitied him then and despises hi... read more

La voix humaine

Lying alone in her apartment, a young woman waits for a telephone call from her ex. Several wrong numbers come through first, and each time she answers with increasing excitement, until finally she hears the voice she wants to. Through a series of anxiety-laden moments when the telephone call dro... read more

The Wreckers

The Wreckers is set amongst the legends of the Cornish coast, where it was thought that ships were deliberately led astray by the people who lived on the coast, so that they would wreck on the rocks and could be plundered. This particular village is led by the Wesleyan preacher, Pascoe, who preac... read more

After the Ball

After the Ball tells the story of the twenty-one-year-old Lady Windermere who wrongly thinks her husband is having an affair with a woman who turns out to be her mother. read more

Acis and Galatea

The nymph Galatea and the shepherd Acis are in love. The shepherd, Damon, advises them both. Meanwhile, the monster Polyphemus is jealous and threatens Acis, while Coridon, another shepherd, advises him against violence. Polyphemus, however, crushes Acis with a massive stone. In response the half... read more


The opera concerns the question of whether the beautiful Adelia has kept her virginity. In fact, she has been having a secret affair with a young count, Oliviero. Given that nobleman and commoners are forbidden to date, Adelia’s father is enraged when he finds out about the affair causing furthe... read more

Adelson e Salvini

A three act opera about a young painter, Salvini, who falls in love with the fiance of the wealthy and powerful Lord Adelson, Nelly. Nelly's uncle, Struley, outlawed from Ireland, where the opera takes place, for some unspecified political offense, and a bitter enemy of Adelson, uses this passio... read more

Adriana Lecouvreur

The action takes place in the year 1730, in Paris. Adriana Lecouvreur, an actress at the Comédie-Française, is in love with Maurizio, the Count of Saxony. However, he cannot decide if he loves Adriana or the Principessa for much of the opera. The show centers on the rivalry between Adriana and... read more


Upon hearing the news that her husband, the Emperor Claudius, has died during a storm at sea, Agrippina Agrippina plots to secure the throne for Nero, her son by a previous marriage. With the support of Pallas and Narcissus, Nero is hailed as the new Emperor before the Senate. However, it turns... read more