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The show is a revue of songs by Eubie Banks, the great composer who helped break down racial barriers in the landmark 1921 musical ˜Shuffle Along,' the first Broadway musical written, directed by and starring African-Americans. read more

Fade In - Fade Out

Set in mid-1930s New York and Hollywood, the show concerns a chorus girl who is mistakenly given the starring role in a new movie. The studio executives realize the mistake and refuse to release the movie. However, with the help of the nephew of the studio's president, the movie is released and... read more

A Family Affair

A Family Affair is the story of Gerry Siegal and Sally Nathan, a young suburban Chicago couple who decide to get married. Alfie, Sally's guardian and uncle, wants a small, intimate wedding while Tilly, Gerry's strong-willed mother, want a large, grand wedding. Soon, a marital World War III start... read more

Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be

Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'be concerns a gangster, Fred Cochran, who has been down on his luck and is trying to make a comeback. Meanwhile, his loyal girlfriend, Lil, longs for the day they can get married and give up crime. After a horrible fight occurs in Fred's gambling den, Lil and Fred fi... read more

The Firebrand of Florence

Benvenuto Cellini, the great Florentine sculptor, is sentenced to hang, but he is pardoned when the duke realizes that he has not completed a previously commissioned sculpture. Freed, he is able to turn his attention to his favorite model , Angela. The Duke also is interested in Angela. Thus, Ce... read more

First Date

What does a person expect out of a blind date? The 2012 musical First Date takes the audience through the first meeting of Casey and Aaron, two 30-ish New York City singles set up by friends and family. The two have nothing in common: Aaron is a conservative banker, Jewish, and looking for a mean... read more

The Fix

Part tabloid, part The Manchurian Candidate, The Fix is a biting satire ripped from the headlines of today, yesterday, and most likely tomorrow. A popular presidential candidate is dead, and his wife thrusts her son into the political spotlight. Her maniacal scheming is matched by that of her cr... read more

Flora the Red Menace

Flora the Red Menace is told as though in a presentation by the Federal Theatre Project, part of the WPA established by President Roosevelt. The plot follows headstrong wannabe fashion designer Flora Mezaros, one member of an artists' co-operative of bohemian types - dancers, musicians, designers... read more

Freedom Train

Freedom Train is the story of Hariet Tubman and the Underground Railord which smuggled slaves to freedom prior to the American Civil War. Using traditional songs of the period "Freedom Train" recounts a powerful and inspiring tale of courage, dedication, perseverance and the strength of the human... read more

The Gay Life

The Gay Life is the story of a bashful virgin, Liesel, who tries to tame the lady-loving playboy, Anatol Von Huber. In the end, Anatol only decides that he really wants to marry Liesel after she pronounces that she will never marry him. read more