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Searching for Eden: the diaries of adam & eve

This two-person play is set in the Garden of Eden and follows the meeting of the first man and woman. Playwright James Still combines Mark Twain’s short stories about Adam and Even to create the story. The play begins at the couple’s meeting and the battle of the sexes starts, language is delicio... read more


Seminar tells the story of four young writers who each pay $5,000 for a ten-week seminar with Leonard, an international literary figure. The story begins with Kate, a well-to-do Upper West Sider with a fancy apartment who arranges the seminar for herself and three friends: Martin, her neurotic ex... read more

The Servant of Two Masters

The play tells the story of a hungry servant who, upon realizing that working for two masters could ensure him a greater supply of food, tries to do the job of two men while working desperately to conceal that fact from both employers. The play’s most famous scene takes place during a feast, when... read more

The Sexton and the Sod

There’s a killer loose in the haunted house. A grave digger. And he has a shovel. Opal finds herself on the run from his murderous rampage, as she fights her way through the haunt to warn everyone left alive that the scares being offered tonight are real and real deadly. All the while, The Sexto... read more

Sexual Perversity in Chicago

One of Mamet's earliest plays, Sexual Perversity in Chicago follows four acquaintances, two of whom are lovers, as they dissect the relationships between men and women. Danny and Deb are young, naive, and still hopeful about love. Bernie and Joan are older, and much more cynical. As Danny and... read more

The Shadow Box

Joe, Brian, and Felicity come from different walks of life, different parts of the country, and are in different stages of accepting the things they have in common: they are all dying of cancer, and they are all living out their final days, in company with friends and family, in homey hospice cot... read more

Shakespeare in Love

We all know William Shakespeare as a brilliant, imaginative, funny, trendsetting playwright whose work has held up the test of time better than any other. We know he lived in the 16th century and that he performed plays for the Queen, but how did Shakespeare become the Shakespeare we know today?... read more

She Wore Those Shoes

Inspired by the documentary The Invisible War, Erlina Ortiz’s She Wore Those Shoes exploresthe prevailing issue of sexual assault within the United States military and the silence, stigma,and negligence that survivors often face.Protagonist, Yudy, a strong and confident young woman, excitedly joi... read more

Shining City

Set in contemporary Dublin, Shining City explores the lives of one bewildered widower and his therapist. John is still reeling from his loss when he is visited by the ghost of his wife. Terrified and guilt ridden, John starts sessions with Ian, a therapist who is struggling with his own demons. A... read more

Shirley Valentine

Shirley Valentine is a bored, middle-aged housewife, trapped in a stale, loveless marriage. Her children are all grown up and she frequently talks to the wall in her kitchen while preparing her husband’s regular evening meal of egg and chips. Shirley feels stuck in a rut and finds solace in her d... read more