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The setting is in Padua in 1549. Tisbe, who loves Rodolfo, is Angelo's mistress. Angelo discovers that Catherine, his wife, is having an affair. However, he doesn't realize it's with Rodolfo. Thisbe, while extremely confused with all that has been happening, nevertheless saves Catherine's life a... read more


Aristocrats gives us a portrait of a fallen family, the O'Donnells. They once were Irish Roman Catholic nobility, but now, with the impending death of their patriarch, their long line of district judges will come to an end. None of the children is happy, and only the locals -- “the peasants“ -... read more


Set during the First Crusade, this is the love story of the sorceress Armide and the Christian knight Renaud. At war with the Christian Crusaders, Armide ensnares her enemy Renaud with her magic spells, but at the moment she raises her dagger to kill him, she finds herself falling in love with hi... read more

The Art of Dining

On a cold and windy November night, Ellen and Cal prepare to open their restaurant, The Golden Carrousel. The entrees are prepped, the desserts are decided, and the small dining room is booked - their futures depend on a successful opening for future business. Perfectionist Ellen is an exquisite... read more


In ‘Bashville’ the wealthy heiress, Lydia Carew, falls in love with a prizefighter, Cashel Byron. Since prizefighting is illegal, Lydia insists that Cashel quit his profession before she marries him. However, all ends well when coincidentally it turns out that Cashel is of noble bir... read more

Bedroom Farce

Bedroom Farce takes place in the bedrooms of three married couples during one, long night, Ernest and Delia are celebrating their wedding anniversary after many, many years of marriage; Malcolm and Kate are gearing up to host a party in their new ‘love nest’; while Nick and Jan are trying to cope... read more


The General, Belisarius, has just returned home after a great victory. However, his celebration is ended quickly after he is falsely accused by his wife of murdering their son. Belisarius is then imprisoned as a traitor to the Byzantine Empire and blinded. After Belisarius is finally freed, he pr... read more

Ben Franklin in Paris

Ben Franklin in Paris tells the story of one man's quest to make American a free country. With cunning and grace, Ben manages to gain support from both the French and the Spanish in his fight against the British. read more


Benedictus focuses on a fictional pope who decides to retire after having a series of visions directing him to resign from the papacy and preach a new gospel. Pope Benedictus is visited by Jesus, Mary, God and the Holy Ghost, who urge him to abandon his conservative theology in favor of humanisti... read more

Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon tells the story of brothers Andrew and Robert . While Andrew plans to inherit the family farm and stay on the land, Robert - now recovered from a lengthy illness - will set sail with his uncle, and venture throughout the world. But before he leaves, Robert discovers his love f... read more