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The City Heiress

The play concerns the "seditious knight," Sir Timothy Treat-all, and his Tory nephew, Tom Wilding, both vying for the affections of Charlot, the eponymous London heiress. Treat-all keeps an open house for all of those who oppose the king, and he has disinherited Wilding. Wilding launches a compl... read more


"Civil" is set in an unspecified future, where trials are held in a virtual environment, and can only be 40 minutes long. Five actors play multiple roles, and the audience votes on the outcomes of both trials. When the play begins, it is quickly explained that everything you are seeing is merely... read more


Kim wrote a short play she called JSTMYN. Her friend, Shane, has adapted her play into a full-length show, and found a company willing to produce it. They have arranged a meeting in a neighborhood park and Shane is planning to celebrate the signing of their first contract. He is therefore shocked... read more


Suppose that life exists in a multiverse -- a set of parallel existences that contain infinitely different futures. The possibilities in our lives are, quite literally, endless. Every possible event that could happen, does happen, in one universe or another. And if two lovers meet -- are drawn to... read more

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is the story of Joshua, a young gay man, born in Corpus Christi, Texas, who grows up, falls in love, gains 12 followers, and is utimately persecuted for being just as radical with his message of love and self-divinity as another man from Nazareth was nearly 2,000 years before. Te... read more


The story of a woman, Barbara Ellen Diggs, who lost her son to AIDS. A part of the anthology, "The New Century." read more

The Crowd You're In With

Three couples are gathering for a barbecue on July 4th before fireworks go off. The three couples are Windsong and Dan, Melinda and Jasper, and Karen and Tom. Although all three couples are liberal and culturally literate, they differ in some of their opinions, and argument and debate begin. read more

The Cryptogram

The Cryptogram is set in a “normal” 1959 household, but the characters, a housewife, her son and a family friend, are no happier than any of Mamet’s conmen or schemers. Donny, the housewife, and John, her son, wait at home for Bob, the husband and father, to arrive and take them camping. John fin... read more

Curlew River

Curlew River is based on the Japanese noh play Sumidagawa of Juro Motomasa . The story is told through four main characters who, in the style of Noh theatre, are all performed by male singers. The madwoman and traveler wish to cross the Curlew River on the Ferryman's boat in order to find the M... read more

The Dance and the Railroad

Set in 1867 in California, ‘The Dance and the Railroad’ tells the story of two Chinese laborers and marks a historical episode in American history. The play consists of a series of encounters between the two men as they wait out a strike. Ma admires Lone's acting acrobatics and asks his newfound... read more