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In this heart-warming musical, Santa narrates the story of Buddy, an apparently oversized elf who has been raised in the North Pole. During the lead up to Christmas, Buddy overhears the other elves discussing how he is really a human but hasn’t realized. He is devastated and Santa must reveal to... read more


The Royal Family of a fictional European country use the threat posed by an impending revolution as an excuse to abandon the throne and pursue their private dreams. The King, the Queen, the Prince and Princess each befriend their favorite celebrities. When the revolutionary threat is revealed to... read more

On the Verge, or, The Geography of Yearning

The year is 1888 when Mary, Fanny, and Alex, three women who are each intrepid world explorers in their own right, band together to conquer Terra Incognita, the last and most mysterious of unexplored territories. As they bushwhack their way through jungles, brave treacherous ice sheets, and negot... read more


Orlando, a beautiful charismatic nobleman, has enjoyed a lifetime of adventures: he becomes the favorite of Queen Elizabeth the First, he dallies with many fine ladies, losing his heart to one mysterious Russian Princess, he wanders Shakespeare’s London and endures the chill of the Great Frost, h... read more

Shakespeare in Hollywood

Take the glitz and glamour of 1930s Hollywood, populated by real-life, yet delightfully exaggerated, personalities of the movie scene. Add a sophisticated German director with an artistic vision, a couple of misplaced supernatural beings, and one of William Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies of... read more


Set in the near future, where the Western world has become a single country, - - "Starmania" recounts three love stories set in parallel, touching also on themes of terrorism, totalitarianism, and an individual's right to decide his own destiny. read more

Act Without Words I

Beckett's short play takes place in a desert illuminated by a "dazzling light". The cast consists of just one man, who is thrown on stage at the start of the play and is thrown back each time he attempts to exit. The main action is of the man trying to reach a small carafe of water, which is alw... read more

An Almanac for Farmers and Lovers in Mexico

Flora, a young American anthropologist living in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, is about to marry her true love, Pele, when their wedding plans are thrown into confusion. Pele is turned into a bird -- a long-billed Starthroat hummingbird, to be precise -- and will remain so until Flora can g... read more

Annabelle Broom, The Unhappy Witch

Annabelle Broom is a non-conformist witch who would rather help than hinder. She ends up clashing with her tough witch superiors over her unconventional beliefs and nearly loses her haunting card when she decides to help instead of frighten 2 lost children. But Annabelle and virtue triumph over... read more

The Author's Voice

Todd is youthful, and devastatingly handsome. He is also in the process of writing the kind of tortured and brilliant novel that can only come from the soul of a genius. Todd’s editor, the beautiful and bold Portia, would love get closer to his mind -- and his body -- but Todd keeps her at arm’s... read more