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The Witches of Eastwick

The Witches of Eastwick tells the tale of the people of the little town of Eastwick. It is a town where everyone knows everything about everyone else, and it is presided over by the indomitable Felicia Gabriel. Bored and fed up with their small town lives, three women--Alexandra , Sukie, and Jane... read more

Androcles and the Lion

Androcles is a slave who is abused by his master, Pantalone. Androcles is trying to help two young lovers , Isabella and Lelio. In order to make sure that his niece will not run off with her boyfriend, Pantalone hires the Captain to guard her. Androcles outwits the Captain and helps the lovers to... read more

Dance of the Vampires

If the vampire Count Von Krolock can seduce the virginal Sarah at midnight on Halloween, vampires will take over the world Can Professor Abronsious stop him? Meanwhile, the professor's handsome young assistant, Alfred, is also in love with Sarah. Further, Count Von Krolock's gay son Herbert is... read more

Dear World

Dear World is the story of three "Madwomen" who deviously scheme to stop businessmen who plan to drill for oil in the neighborhood of Chaillot in Paris. read more


The Royal Family of a fictional European country use the threat posed by an impending revolution as an excuse to abandon the throne and pursue their private dreams. The King, the Queen, the Prince and Princess each befriend their favorite celebrities. When the revolutionary threat is revealed to... read more

On the Verge, or, The Geography of Yearning

The year is 1888 when Mary, Fanny, and Alex, three women who are each intrepid world explorers in their own right, band together to conquer Terra Incognita, the last and most mysterious of unexplored territories. As they bushwhack their way through jungles, brave treacherous ice sheets, and negot... read more


Orlando, a beautiful charismatic nobleman, has enjoyed a lifetime of adventures: he becomes the favorite of Queen Elizabeth the First, he dallies with many fine ladies, losing his heart to one mysterious Russian Princess, he wanders Shakespeare’s London and endures the chill of the Great Frost, h... read more

Peter Pan (Peter and Wendy)

Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Would Never Grow Up is the stage play version of the classic book Peter Pan, written by J. M. Barrie in the early 1900s. Barrie’s well-known tale has been cherished for over a century, spawning countless recreations in the shape of a Broadway musical, both live action a... read more

Return to the Forbidden Planet

Fasten your seatbelts, return your tray tables to the upright position and prepare to blast off In this Olivier-award-winning musical, the many works of Shakespeare are aligned with a fabulous rock ‘n’ roll score to create a fun-filled, jiving-in-the-aisles musical. Loosely based on Shakespeare’s... read more


Considered to be the operatic retelling of The Little Mermaid story, Rusalka is a Czech fairy-tale about a mermaid who longs to be human, so that she can be with the Prince who swims in the lake. When her father Vodník cannot help her she turns to Ježibaba, the witch. She sings of her love in th... read more