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Annabelle Broom, The Unhappy Witch

Annabelle Broom is a non-conformist witch who would rather help than hinder. She ends up clashing with her tough witch superiors over her unconventional beliefs and nearly loses her haunting card when she decides to help instead of frighten 2 lost children. But Annabelle and virtue triumph over... read more

The Author's Voice

Todd is youthful, and devastatingly handsome. He is also in the process of writing the kind of tortured and brilliant novel that can only come from the soul of a genius. Todd’s editor, the beautiful and bold Portia, would love get closer to his mind -- and his body -- but Todd keeps her at arm’s... read more

Brilliant the Dinosaur

After a particularly bad storm, a cave opens up in a cliff revealing a live female diplodocus dinosaur. The local children discover her and do their best to help her hide. Eventually, the adults find out about the dinosaur and the result is not good. read more

Cabin in the Sky

Little Joe, a compulsive gambler, promises his wife, Petunia, that he'll quit gambling and be a moral man. Soon after, he is killed over his gambling debts. Joe then has six months to redeem his soul and enter Heaven “ otherwise he will be condemned to Hell. Lucifer Jr. and his sexy representa... read more

Cinderella and Buttons

Cinderella and Buttons is a funny and surprising re-imagining of the original story, which answers why the prince was so keen to marry Cinderella, and who was the fairy godmother anyway. read more


"Civil" is set in an unspecified future, where trials are held in a virtual environment, and can only be 40 minutes long. Five actors play multiple roles, and the audience votes on the outcomes of both trials. When the play begins, it is quickly explained that everything you are seeing is merely... read more

Defender of the Cosmos

Though her early years were spent playing Defender of the Cosmos on her DS, Sarah can't seem to find adequate time to relax and play anymore. High school homework takes up most of her day and the stress is getting to her single mother as well. Little to their knowledge, the video game characters... read more

Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus follows the dark, twisted path of the restless scholar of the title. Yearning for infinite knowledge and questioning his faith, Doctor Faustus forsakes his scholarly studies for the dark world of magic and sorcery. He makes a pact with the devil. If the evil spirit, Mephastophilis... read more

Dreaming or The Consequences on Hispanics After 9/11

What is a dream? What does it mean to dream? Or to dream what kills, Or to be the dream that may not be a dream. Manny dreams more than he should, he dreams of his bloody mother, and the day bodies fell from the sky, he also dreams there is a God, and some numbers following him around trying to s... read more

Dreamless or The Sergio Urrego Phenomenon

Dreamless is a two-act play, the first act is a one-man show inspired by the letter Sergio Urrego left before he died. In a parallel world, after Sergio dies, he is forced to live the same day as an actor being watched by an eternal theater audience. In the second act, An angel decides Sergio’s t... read more