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Dreamless or The Sergio Urrego Phenomenon

Dreamless is a two-act play, the first act is a one-man show inspired by the letter Sergio Urrego left before he died. In a parallel world, after Sergio dies, he is forced to live the same day as an actor being watched by an eternal theater audience. In the second act, An angel decides Sergio’s t... read more

The Ghosts of Lote Bravo

Young women are disappearing in Ciudad Juarez. At the factories near the border, more and more coveted seats are left empty. In Lote Bravo, however, on the outskirts of town, these women’s bodies turn up. One of the missing is Juanda’s teenage daughter, Raquel. Desperate to understand what has ha... read more

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child [Part Two]

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part Two picks up directly where the left off. After attempting to rectify their mistakes and change history once more, Albus Potter does not emerge from their time-travel and Scorpius Malfoy finds himself trapped in a hideous alternative reality where Lord Vold... read more

Hänsel und Gretel

Hänsel und Gretel is a fairy tale opera that follows two young siblings, Hänsel and Gretel, as they get lost in the forest after being chased out of the house for bothering their mother. In their quest to pick and gather strawberries, the children become lost in the woods, reknown for being the h... read more

King of the Yees

King of the Yees is a semi-autobiographical play that offers a rollercoaster journey through Chinatown in San Francisco, and Chinese culture in America. The play focuses on Lauren Yee, a dramatized version of the playwright, who is trying to get her new play rehearsed, and up and running. Howeve... read more

Kingdom Krush

For characters in this video game, life could not be more simple. For Lance, it was the same routine every day: beat the bad guys, buy items from the mysterious merchant, and rescue the princess from the notorious kingdom villain. And then the day repeats itself, and no one seems to notice. Only... read more

Li’l Abner

It’s a typical day in wretched and picturesque Dogpatch, USA, and the local yokels are up to their usual tricks: brewing moonshine, cuddling pigs, and collecting unemployment. Beautiful Daisy Mae is pining after strong handsome Li’l Abner, an unsentimental youth who escapes her pursuit to go fish... read more

Night Of The Foolish Moon

Roger DiPietro, actor, teacher, and aspiring knight errant, is having a quiet mental breakdown in his brother’s beach house, when his 16th century musings are interrupted by the arrival of Bernadette, a beautiful gun moll, and key witness in the murder trial which brother Victor is currently pros... read more


The Emperor of China hears that one of the most beautiful things in his own land is the song of the nightingale. He sends his courtiers to take a nightingale from the nearby forest and present her as a guest at court. The bird can communicate with the humans and agrees to come, but when the Emper... read more

A Number

Caryl Churchill's A Number is a play that explores the issue of human cloning through the relationships between a father and his three sons. A tight two-hander taking place in a not-too-far off future, Churchill's play is a philosophical investigation into free will and the question of nature ve... read more