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Boeing Boeing

A hit comedy similar in vein to Shakespeare’s comedies of merry misadventures and mistaken identities, Boeing Boeing tells the exploits of French bachelor Bernard and his lovely female flight attendants. Three flight attendants, to be exact, from three different countries: and they all believe th... read more

Don Pasquale

The wealthy old bachelor, Don Pasquale, has decided to take a wife so that he may produce an heir, cutting out his insubordinate nephew, Ernesto, out of his inheritance. Refusing to enter into an arranged marriage, Ernesto is devastated to think of a life without, Norina, a beautiful widowed woma... read more

Gianni Schicchi

In this hysterical farce, Gianni Schicchi opens on the Donati family mourning the passing of their patriarch, Buoso. Their tears, however, are not real until they discover that Buoso has left his immense fortune to a monastery. Frantic and greedy, they call upon Gianni Schicchi, a self-made lower... read more

Goodtime Charley

Putting a comic spin on history, ˜Goodtime Charley' re-tells the story of Joan of Arc and a fun-loving, hedonistic Dauphin of France. read more

Hay Fever

Hay Fever is one of Noel Coward’s most durable comedies, continuing to delight audiences with its astute observations on family relationships and rivalries. The action takes place in the house of the Bliss family over the course of a weekend. Judith Bliss, a retired actress, her writer husband Da... read more

Lady Be Good

When the orphaned Dick and Susie Trevor are evicted and living on the street with a thunderstorm on the horizon, they are eager to sacrifice him- or herself to help the other. They both end up falling in love with the wrong person and try to find wealthy spouses. Luckily, all turns out well wh... read more

The Liar

In Pierre Corneille’s frothy yet biting comedy of light hearts and lighter words, trouble arrives in Paris in the form of Dorante, a young law student with martial and marital ambitions. To achieve his ends, Dorante happily spins a web of outrageous lies, which, ultimately, lands him in hot water... read more

Little Mary Sunshine

The show takes place at the Colorado Inn, owned by Little Mary Sunshine , in the early 20th century. Chief Brown Bear, Mary's foster father, has decided to take her advice and sue the U.S. government in order to regain his tribal land. Meanwhile the U.S. Forest Rangers are on the hunt for a grou... read more

L’elisir d’amore

L’elisir d’amore follows Adina, the beautiful but fickle landowner, and Nemorino, the clumsy but lovable young man, through the ups and downs of their love story. Nemorino is madly in love with Adina, but Adina holds him at arm’s length, feigning indifference to tease him. Over and over again, he... read more


Part gothic horror story, part science fiction romance, Metropolis presents a grim view of a futuristic city dominated by machines. Human energy is ruthlessly harnessed to benefit only the elitists who live above ground. The workers toil beneath the earth's surface working with monstrous machiner... read more