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Chase Me, Comrade!

Chase Me, Comrade is a hilarious British farce written by Ray Cooney, inspired by the true story of Rudolf Nureyev, a famous Russian ballet dancer, who defected to the West in the 1960’sNancy Rimmington is the daughter of the famous Commander Rimmington of the British Navy. One day, her friend, A... read more

Chu Chin Chow

The well-known merchant Kasim Baba is preparing to give a lavish banquet for the wealthy Chu Chin Chow, who is on his way from China. Abu Hassan wishes to add to his riches the property of Kasim and has installed the slave girl Zahrat in Kasim's house as a spy. Zahrat sends a message to Abu Hasa... read more

Do Re Mi

The reformed gangster Hubie Cram is trying to make it big in the juke box and music promotion business. However, when things don't go as planned, gangsters reenter his life causing further troubles to his marriage. The only thing he does succeed at is making a star out of a young singer. read more

Dreamless or The Sergio Urrego Phenomenon

Dreamless is a two-act play, the first act is a one-man show inspired by the letter Sergio Urrego left before he died. In a parallel world, after Sergio dies, he is forced to live the same day as an actor being watched by an eternal theater audience. In the second act, An angel decides Sergio’s t... read more

DuBarry Was a Lady

Louis Blore, attendant in the men's washroom of the Club Petite in New York, wins $75,000 in the Irish sweeps. Having long had a crush on the star of the floor show, May Daly, Louis seeks to win her away from her fiancé. He tries to put Alex away with knock-out drops, but mixes up the glasses... read more

Flora the Red Menace

Flora the Red Menace is told as though in a presentation by the Federal Theatre Project, part of the WPA established by President Roosevelt. The plot follows headstrong wannabe fashion designer Flora Mezaros, one member of an artists' co-operative of bohemian types - dancers, musicians, designers... read more

Happy Hunting

"Happy Hunting" concerns a wealthy, widowed Philadelphian, Liz Livingstone, who is snubbed at the Grace Kelly-Prince Rainier Wedding of the Year in Monaco. As a result, she is determined to find an even more impressive husband for her daughter, Beth. She tries to set Beth up with a dashing Duk... read more

The House of Blue Leaves

The lives of a Queens, New York, family get turned upside down as Pope Paul VI visits New York City. Artie Shaughnessy, a zookeeper/failed singer-songwriter, longs to find fame in Hollywood with his girlfriend, Bunny. Artie’s mentally ill wife, Bananas, with whom he lives, imagines herself to be... read more

How He Lied to Her Husband

How He Lied to Her Husband is a thinly veiled farce of George Bernard Shaw’s wildly successful play Candida. The play is an amusing tale that involves the blurred lines of infidelity, budding romance, and the fear of being caught by the better half. A married, aristocratic woman named Aurora is h... read more


Jumbo is a show about a war between two rival circuses . read more