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Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde tells the story of real-life fugitives, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. In the midst of the country-wide depression the couple find notoriety and love in this thrilling, fast-paced musical. Frustrated with their poor, ordinary lives, Bonnie and Clyde both dream of the exciting live... read more

The Boy from Oz

"The Boy From Oz" tells about the life of the great Australian entertainer, Peter Allen. The show starts with in the 1950s with his humble beginnings growing up in an Australian bush town. He then experiences a meteoric rise to fame as an international star opening for Judy Garland and selling o... read more

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Brighton Beach Memoirs is the first play in Neil Simon's semi-autobiographical comedic Eugene trilogy, which also includes and . The story of Brighton Beach Memoirs follows a 15-year-old boy named Eugene Jerome as he grows up in 1937 Brooklyn. Eugene learns about girls, family, relationships, an... read more

Richard III

Richard III is the last of Shakespeare's War of the Roses plays, which cover the great wars between the houses of York and Lancaster. At this point, Edward IV has firmly consolidated power, but his scheming brother, Richard, is plotting to take the throne for himself. He asks Lady Anne to marr... read more

Biloxi Blues

Part of Neil Simon's Eugene trilogy, Biloxi Blues centers on the experiences of a young army recruit, Eugene Morris Jerome, during World War II. At basic training in Biloxi, Mississippi, Eugene is determined to use his army experiences to help his writing career, and keeps detailed memoirs about... read more

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

One of the most lauded plays in the history of American theater, Long Day’s Journey Into Night is the masterpiece of Eugene O’Neill. It is O’Neill’s most autobiographical play, and was so deeply personal that the author requested it not be produced until twenty-five years after his death. Long... read more

Broadway Bound

Following and , this is the poignant and funny conclusion of Neil Simon's semi-autobiographical Eugene trilogy. Eugene and his brother Stanley are trying to break into the world of professional comedy writing, while coping with their parents' messy and gut-wrenching split. When their material i... read more

Henry VI Part 1

At the beginning of Henry VI, Part 1, King Henry V's funeral is taking place, and messengers arrive with news of trouble in France. The noblemen rise up and plan tasks to reclaim their land from the French. The new king, who is Henry V's son, gets ready to do work to remedy the situation in Fran... read more

Henry IV Part 2

The second Henry IV play opens with Prince Hal and his longtime mentor and friend, Falstaff, together, once more. The criminals and lowlifes with whom Hal and Falstaff consort are winning some power, and Falstaff is recruiting young men to fight. Hal's father, King Henry IV, has become ill, and... read more

Henry VI Part 3

This play rounds out the trilogy of Henry VI plays. These plays plus Richard III make up the play cycle often called "The War of the Roses". In King Henry VI Part 3, King Henry VI and York come to an agreement that Henry will rule while he is alive, and after he is dead, he will pass the crown... read more