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Sophie Treadwell, the writer herself of the revolutionary expressionist play Machinal, reminds us in her directions preceding the script that this story, in its most basic essence, is of a woman who murders her husband. Seemingly straightforward, but both Treadwell and the work she created seek t... read more

Night Of The Foolish Moon

Roger DiPietro, actor, teacher, and aspiring knight errant, is having a quiet mental breakdown in his brother’s beach house, when his 16th century musings are interrupted by the arrival of Bernadette, a beautiful gun moll, and key witness in the murder trial which brother Victor is currently pros... read more

Nixon's Nixon

On the eve of his resignation due to the Watergate Scandal and other allegations, Richard Nixon chats with his friend Henry Kissinger, the National Security Advisor and Secretary of State. They talk about the current political situation and their rise to power in a darkly satirical fashion. read more

Oh What a Lovely War

Oh What a Lovely War was first performed at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East, London on March 19, 1963. The idea for a satirical critique of the First World War emerged out of Joan Littlewood’s Theatre Workshop and it was developed by Littlewood, her partner Greg Raffles, Charles Chilton, and th... read more


On the Philadelphia Main Line, the swath of suburbs just outside the city that are famously home to some of America’s most socially and financially elite, we meet the Duncan family. Arthur and Grace, now approaching late middle age, have expertly hidden behind a perfect veneer of family adoration... read more

The Rivals

Set in fashionable Bath, The Rivals centers around the complicated relationship between Lydia Languish and Captain Jack Absolute. Guided by popular novels of the time, wealthy heiress Lydia desires to be swept away by the type of romantic love affair that she finds lacking in the social circles i... read more

The Way of the World

One of the most popular Restoration comedy of manners escapades, William Congreve’s The Way of the World follows the story of Edward Mirabell and his love Millamant. To ensure the inheritance of Millamant’s dowry, the two need the consent of her disdainful and difficult aunt, Lady Wishfort. Howev... read more

Weird Romance

Weird Romance is a two one-act musical containing a curious mix of a science fiction framework around traditional themes - the generation gap, a love triangle and the archetypal conflict between those who have power and those who have none. The first, The Girl Who Was Plugged In, is about a homel... read more