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Make A Wish

Make a Wish focuses on the adventures of a French orphan, Janette, who is on a tour of Paris. When Janette breaks away from her group, she experiences various adventures. Soon, she falls in love with a young artist, Paul. read more

The Man From Snowy River: Arena Spectacular

The show is a combination of a Musical, a Rodeo, a Concert and Dance, and an Equestrian display. Jim Ryan arrives at John Conroy's property following the death of his father. He and John's daughter, Kate, soon fall in love. However, when a herd of horses escapes, Jim is wrongly blamed. Luckily, J... read more

A Man of No Importance

A Man of No Importance tells the story of Alfie Byrne, an Oscar Wilde-loving bus driver in 1960’s Dublin. Alfie’s passion is directing an amateur group of thespians called the St. Imelda’s Players. The dedicated performers are determined to stage the controversial “Salome” at their local church.... read more

Managing Maxine

Managing Maxine is about a senior citizen named Maxine who falls into a romance when she begins dating a retired judge named Arthur. Maxine must deal with her children's uncomfortable reactions towards her late-life dating. Arthur's daughter becomes hostile towards Maxine. She also worries Arthu... read more

Marvin's Room

First produced in 1990, Marvin’s Room tells the story of two sisters, Bessie and Lee. They have not seen each other for many years but when Bessie is diagnosed with leukemia, Lee travels to Florida to be tested as a bone marrow donor for her sister. Bessie has cared single-handedly for their fath... read more

Me and Juliet

‘Me and Juliet’ revolves around the inner mechanisms of a Broadway musical and two sets of lovers. The show-within-the-show is also titled "Me and Juliet" and stars famous literary heroes and heroines: Juliet, Don Juan, and Carmen, alongside an everyman named "Me." The main characters include the... read more

The Medea

In a continuation of the stories of Jason and the Argonauts, foreign princess and sorceress Medea has murdered her own father to help Jason win the Golden Fleece and the kingdom of Thessaly. They have married and have two sons. Now in ancient Corinth, Medea is told that Jason will be marrying the... read more

Mercenary Mary

Chris’ wealthy grandfather objects so much to Chris’ marriage to Mary that he takes Chris off of his will. Determined to inherit Grandpa’s riches, Chris and Mary decide to stage a divorce and then quietly remarry. read more

Mexican Hayride

Joe Bascom, a.k.a. Humphrey Fish, is a wanted American criminal hiding out in Mexico. At a bullfight, he is mistakenly chosen as the ˜good-will ambassador' and thrust into a position of publicity and scrutiny. Pursued by police, he and fellow criminal, Lombo Campos flee. As the two men travel ac... read more

Milk and Honey

Set in Israel, "Milk and Honey" tells the story of an old American visiting his married daughter who finds love with the widow, Ruth Stein. Trouble ensues when it turns out that while separated for many years, Phil is still married. In the end, Phil promises Ruth that he will fly to Paris, wher... read more