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New Girl in Town

Chris Christopherson, an old, hard-drinking Swedish barge captain, is thrilled to hear that his daughter, Anna, is coming to visit. He hasn't seen her in over fifteen years and remembers her as a sweet and innocent little girl. At first, the reunion goes well. Anna fits in with her father's frien... read more

The Night Alive

A play that flutters between the dramatic and comedic realms, The Night Alive is a play that explores the lives of a few lost souls...and a chance connection that may change their lives. Tommy is a man who has been drifting through life for the past two years after becoming estranged from his fam... read more

A Night in Venice (Eine Nacht in Venedig )

The Duke of Urbino has a passion for ladies. Caramello, barber to the Duke of Urbino and disguised as a gondolier, plans to take the beautiful Barbara to his master, but she has another assignation and sends in her place the fisher-girl Annina, Caramello's girlfriend While Annina is perfectly ha... read more

Night Of The Foolish Moon

Roger DiPietro, actor, teacher, and aspiring knight errant, is having a quiet mental breakdown in his brother’s beach house, when his 16th century musings are interrupted by the arrival of Bernadette, a beautiful gun moll, and key witness in the murder trial which brother Victor is currently pros... read more


The Emperor of China hears that one of the most beautiful things in his own land is the song of the nightingale. He sends his courtiers to take a nightingale from the nearby forest and present her as a guest at court. The bird can communicate with the humans and agrees to come, but when the Emper... read more

The Nina Variations

In Steven Dietz’s clever, fierce and heartbreaking tribute to The Seagull, Chekhov’s star-crossed lovers meet over and over again. In forty-three variations on their famous final scene, the young actress Nina and the young writer Treplev pit their vibrant wit and uprising passions against one ano... read more

Nixon's Nixon

On the eve of his resignation due to the Watergate Scandal and other allegations, Richard Nixon chats with his friend Henry Kissinger, the National Security Advisor and Secretary of State. They talk about the current political situation and their rise to power in a darkly satirical fashion. read more

No Strings

No Strings is the bitter-sweet story of an American writer, David, attempting to woo a beautiful American model, Barbara, while they are living in Paris. David is in Paris trying to overcome his writer's block. Barbara is in Paris with her wealthy patron, Louis de Pourtal. read more


As the Romans occupy Gaul in the first century B.C., the high priest of the druidical temple, Norma, has been having a love affair with a Roman, Pollione. Nevertheless, even though Pollione has fathered Norma's two children, he no longer loves her. Instead, he loves a virgin in the temple, Adal... read more