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When their mother dies, two brothers who are total opposites suddenly have to meet again. They realize then which of them truly has the happier life. By Cusi Cram. A part of the phobia anthology, œTrepidation Nation. read more

The North Pool

The North Pool is a suspense thriller set in a seemingly typical American public high school. The play consists of two characters: an over-worked Vice Principal, Dr. Danielson, and a Middle Eastern student, Khadim Asmaan. On the afternoon before Spring Break, Khadim is called into Dr. Danielson’s... read more

Not Now, Darling

In a London fur salon, Arnold Crouch, one of the two owners, has difficulty keeping everything going afloat, while his partner, Gilbert Bodley, is off philandering. Bodley decides to sell his new mistress' husband a fur coat for an extremely low price in order to win her affection, and Crouch is... read more

Not Such Stuff

Not Such Stuff is an interwoven arrangement of soliloquies 'by' eight of Shakespeare’s women – Ophelia, Lady MacBeth, Regan, Portia, Kate, Juliet, Marina, and Miranda – who protest the role given to them by Shakespeare. read more

The Notebook of Trigorin

Tennessee Williams' fresh adaption of the Chekhov's classic brings to life the story of Constantine, the sensitive young writer, whose quest for love, art and acceptance is larger than life itself.Young playwright, Constantine, premieres his new play at his uncles lakeside estate; before family,... read more

Now We Are Pope: Frederick Rolfe in Venice

Now We Are Pope: Frederick Rolfe in Venice explores the last hour in the life of writer Frederick Rolfe , who died in Venice in 1913. A complex, cantankerous, and contradictory character, Rolfe relives a turbulent life, in which he made enemies with the same enthusiasm he sought friends, in which... read more

Nude with Violin

Set in 1954 Paris, Nude with Violin is a light comedy of manners. The play is a satire about the high value placed on art and the hypocrisy in the art world. A famous painter, Paul Sorodin, has died. His relatives and friends converge on his studio looking forward to the money they can make from... read more

A Number

Caryl Churchill's A Number is a play that explores the issue of human cloning through the relationships between a father and his three sons. A tight two-hander taking place in a not-too-far off future, Churchill's play is a philosophical investigation into free will and the question of nature ve... read more

Nymph Errant

Fresh out of finishing school in Switzerland, beautiful young Evangeline is on a quest to lose her innocence. Miss Pratt, her school teacher, has urged Evangeline and her classmates to "experiment" and Evangeline has taken this advice to heart. Her quest takes her to the beach at Neauville, the... read more

The Octoroon

The Octoroon was written by Dion Boucicault and was adapted from the novel The Quadroon by Thomas Mayne Reid. The play was first produced in 1859, at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City, and was both controversial because of it’s sympathetic and human portrayal of slaves before the civil... read more