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La Puce a l'oreille

A Flea in Her Ear is Georges Feydeau’s wild and hilarious comedy of mistaken identities, motives and actions. Raymonde, the wife of Chandebise, suspects him of having an affair. When she receives “evidence” of his infidelity, she decides to catch him in the act. As it turns out, Chandebise is a g... read more


One rainy, London night, phonetics professor Henry Higgins takes in a flower girl named Eliza Doolittle in an effort to win a bet with Colonel Pickering, an expert in Indian dialects. He bets Pickering that he can teach Eliza elocution and pass her off as a lady to all of London society. Despite... read more

Quality of Life

Set in the Berkeley hills after a major fire, Quality of life is a 4-person play. The plot centers around two couples each of which has radically different religious viewpoints. Jeanette and Neil live in a yurt ever since their house was destroyed by the fire. Conservative Dinah and Bill are born... read more

Quiche Isn't Sexy

Jay, a burger addict, joins Meat Eaters Anonymous where he meets and falls for Jackie, a recovering lamb addict. At first, Jay serenades Jackie with vegetarian fare. However, it isn't long before the two backslide into meat addiction and launch a food truck pushing the very product they had sworn... read more

Radio Golf

The tenth and final play in August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle, Radio Golf follows a black man named Harmond Wilks on his quest to revive his childhood neighborhood and become the first black mayor of Pittsburgh. Wilks, his wife Mame, and his best friend Roosevelt, have planned a redevelopment pro... read more


“Raisin” takes place in 1950s Southside Chicago and revolves around a working class black family aspiring to a better life after the death of their father. Hope is sparked by the arrival of a $10,000 life insurance check. However, conflict ensues when mother and son want to spend the money in dif... read more

The Rake's Progress

Tom, a happy go lucky young man, is in love with a young girl, Anne, but Anne’s father, Truelove, has doubts about Tom’s character. Truelove urges Tom to find a “real” job, but Tom is resistant and would rather rely on luck than work to make money. When Tom makes a wish that he had money, a myste... read more

The Real Thing

Taking place in London in the 1980s, The Real Thing focuses on the passionate but never fully satisfying love between Henry and Annie . When they start an affair Henry is already married to Charlotte and Annie is married to Max. Soon they both divorce their partners and marry each other. Unfortu... read more


"Redhead" is a murder mystery musical taking place in London in the early 1900s. After a young actress has been murdered, the Simpson Sisters' Waxworks puts on an exhibit showing the known events of the murder. The exhibit angers actor Tom Baxter, who greatly liked the deceased young actress. The... read more

References To Salvador Dali Make Me Hot

A surrealistic play that follows a young woman named Gabriela who has been separated from her husband, a military man. He has been off fighting in the Middle East, and returns feeling lonely and sexually frustrated. When he returns, Gabriela gives him an ultimatum. Features actors playing a coy... read more