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Rocket Man

After Donny ends up missing his daughter's sixteenth birthday and his wife leaves him, he decides to sell everything he has at a huge yard sale. His two friends Buck and Louise are worried about him, but he ploughs on. Eventually, he starts to explore concepts of space and time, and he ends up... read more


Grimoaldo has usurped the throne and forced King Bertarido to escape to Milan. Bertarido's wife and son are left behind. Gramoaldo decides to break off his engagement with Enduige and instead marry Rodelinda. Meanwhile, Bertarido returns to Milan in disguise with the help of his friend, Unulfo... read more

The Roman Invasion of Ramsbottom

The show tells the story of what would have happened if the ancient Romans had built the motorways. Gaius Julius Agricola, Governor of Britannia, wants to extend the C6 Chariotway to Carlisle. Conflict ensues when the residents of Ramsbottom refuse to pull down their local pub which is smack in t... read more


Romance, David Mamet's farcical send-up of the courtroom drama, takes place during a trial in which, well, the Defendant is defended by the Defense Attorney, prosecuted by the Prosecutor, and judged by the Judge, all while an intense Middle East peace conference rages just down the street. That'... read more

La Rondine

As the poet, Prunier, speaks of romance and love, Magda, a prostitute, reminisces about her past. She soon realizes that as the mistress of Rambaldo, she is living without love. That night, she dresses up as a working class woman and goes off to the Bullier nightclub. There, she falls in love... read more

Rose's Dilemma

Rose's Dilemma, a story set in the Hamptons, is about a writer named Rose Steiner who suffers from writer's block. She needs to write a blockbuster -- she wants it to be brilliant, but she also needs the money. In the play, Rose dreams that she were still in touch with a lover from her past. This... read more

Rounding Third

Don is a coach who believes that winning is what is most important in baseball, and he is all about the game. Michael is his assistant coach, a businessman who believes that kids should have fun when they play baseball. These conflicting personalities instantly clash. Don's kid is the star pit... read more


Set in a small mining town in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lynn Nottage’s Ruined follows Mama Nadi, a businesswoman who is trying to stay afloat in a world torn apart by civil war. The war has ravaged her country, and especially the young girls who have literally been torn to pieces by... read more

The Ruins

Medusa has lost her head, and her serpents are hunting through the ancient Greek ruins for a new host. So themed is The Ruins haunted house, where Luna is a make-up artist. As the Minotaur, the Siren, the Cyclops and a host of mythological beasts take their places for opening night, Luna is thrus... read more

Sagittarius Ponderosa

Fleeing a troubled recent past, Archer returns home to Central Oregon amidst a time of confusion. Intent upon asserting his trans nature to a family who still thinks of him as “Angela,” he hesitates in the face of his ill father’s transition from life to death, and the very certainty of the local... read more