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Look Back in Anger

Look Back in Anger is a searing, jolting look at class, sex, politics, and the stifling conventions of 1950s England, all lamented by voices of the angry, alienated youth living at its margins. The champion of the angry young men is Jimmy Porter: proud, educated, lower-class, and volatile. He liv... read more

Los Feliz

In Martin Foreman’s one-act play Los Feliz, a hardened New York transplant to Los Angeles feels that his life is passing him by. Bitter, divorced, and with little to no access to his daughter, the Man is living a lonely life, spending most of his time on the freeways of LA as he focuses on his w... read more

A Loss of Roses

During the dust and heat of a long Kansas summer, William Inge’s A Loss of Roses is a tale set in a Depression both economic and emotional. Lila Green, a tent show actress who’s traveling troupe has folded, finds refuge with old friends in a small town. Helen Baird, a respectable widowed nurse an... read more

The Love Contract

Al and Jan are both students and they are about to spend their first night together. They love each other but Al, ever the law student, is over cautious about the potential legal ramifications of embarking on a sexual relationship. In this modern world, he wants to protect them both against futur... read more

Love Letters

When Andrew Makepeace Ladd III accepts an invitation to Melissa Gardner’s birthday party, and Melissa writes a thank-you note to ask just why he got her “The Lost Princess of Oz” , a romantic friendship and correspondence destined to last for almost half a century is born. Both from affluent, Ea... read more

The Love Note

THE LOVE NOTE is a hilarious and touching tale of young Jessie's arrival at a new and outlandish school where there is a colorful and zany cast of characters. The ruthless bullies rule the cafeteria, the unique bookworms stick together behind their books, and the watchful Lunch Lady wields a... read more

Lucio Silla (Lucius Sulla)

Rome is ruled by the dictator Lucio Silla. Cecilio, banished for plotting against Silla, learns from his friend Cinna that Silla, declaring him dead, is chasing Cecilio's fiancée, Junia. Junia, daughter of Sulla's defeated enemy Marius, rejects Sulla's advances at all costs. Cecilio then retur... read more

Lysistrata Jones

What does it take to find school spirit and win a basketball game? Lysistrata Jones is a new transfer student to Athens U., and is shocked at the apathy and lack of school spirit amongst her friends. First she tries to create a cheerleading squad and a team mascot to drum up support. When that do... read more