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What happens after we die? In Peter Tarsi’s one-act play Tracks, ten people from all over the country find themselves in a single subway station after their deaths. They are faced with a profound decision: Do they get on the next train without knowing where it goes? As these characters discuss th... read more


An African graduate student named Azmera is having panic attacks, and she looks to a prominent psychologist, Philip, to give her help. He specializes in a kind of hypnosis similar to a trance, and he places her in one in order to find out her problems. She ends up discussing some incident that sh... read more


Translations is set in a small Irish town in the summer of 1833. Hugh O'Donnell is the headmaster of a hedge school, a rural school that teaches basic education to farm families. Hugh's older son, Manus, teaches there with him. Hugh insists on teaching in Irish, even though he knows that the l... read more


Tom Stoppard’s Travesties is a play that follows the often-faulty memories of Henry Carr, an elderly man who spent time in Zurich, Switzerland, during the First World War. At that time, the city was also inhabited by several revolutionary thinkers, including modernist author James Joyce; founder... read more

The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek

Dalton Chance, all of fifteen years old, has been imprisoned for murder. He spends his days making shadow puppets on the wall -- a trick he learned from his depressed, unemployed father -- and ignoring the bitter taunts of his jailer. Just a few months in the past, Dalton freely roamed the bleak... read more


Trying takes place in 1967 and centers around the internationally known Francis Biddle, Attorney General under President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Chief Judge of the Nuremberg trials, who is trying to put his life in order before he dies. At times both charming and cantankerous, he struggles with... read more

Trying to Find Chinatown

The one-act play Trying to Find Chinatown describes an encounter between Benjamin, an ethnic Caucasian who considers himself Asian, and Ronnie, an ethnic Asian who knows little about his Asian heritage. Benjamin, adopted into a Chinese-American family, is trying to find his father’s birth house i... read more

Un ballo in maschera

Un Ballo in Maschera follows the story of the assassination of King Gustavo III of Sweden. Gustavo is in love with Amelia, the wife of Anckarström, the king’s secretary and most loyal friend. The lovers meet in secret, even though they know that their love should not continue. Unbeknownst to the... read more

Unbearable Hotness

Andrew has thrown a house party in hopes that the girl of his dreams, Marisa, will attend. Once he learns she is somewhere in his home, he becomes set on winning her heart. Matters are complicated when Chuck arrives bent on the same goal, followed by Jill who reveals her ex boyfriend is pursuing... read more

Unchatty Cathy

Cathy is an extremely shy high school student desperate to break out of her shell and introduce herself to Zachary, who wants to ask her to the spring dance, but is himself too shy. Cathy’s best friend Patsy is a budding filmmaker who decides to film Cathy’s journey to meet Zachary as a reality s... read more