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Sight Unseen

Margulies' play is the story of Jonathan Waxman, a superstar artist, so popular that collectors will buy his work "sight unseen." In London for a major retrospective, Jonathan decides to call his former girlfriend, Patricia, who posed for him as a student and whose influence became a turning p... read more

Simply Heavenly

The show takes place in Paddy’s bar, whose customers are mostly African-American, hard working or jobless. 'Simple' has a wife awaiting an expensive divorce, a girlfriend awaiting a wedding ring, and an indefatigable weakness for the local man-eater, Arcie. When faced with choosing between tempta... read more

Sing a Rude Song

‘Sing a Rude’ song concerns the life of the great singer, Marie Lloyd. The show focuses on her rise to fame in the late 19th century/early 20th century and her chaotic private life and troubled marriages. read more

Singin' I'm No A Billy He's a Tim

What happens when you lock up a Celtic fan? What happens when you lock up a Celtic fan with a Rangers fan? What happens when you lock up a Celtic fan with a Rangers fan on the day of the Old Firm match? Des Dillon creates the situation and watches the sparks fly as Billy and Tim clash in a rage o... read more


Two men and an iPhone walk into a bar...Nick and Ron have arranged to meet up in a bar on New Year's Eve and catch up. Ron has recently broken up with his girlfriend, and has become increasingly attached to his phone instead. However, Nick has recently become engaged to Jackie, who seems more con... read more

Sitting Pretty

‘Sitting Pretty’ involves a family inheritance up for grabs, budding romances for a pair of orphaned twins, and a "New Yoik" con artist with plans to abscond with the family jewels. Wealthy Mr. Pennington decides to adopt an uncouth young man named Horace. However, Horace’s uncle, who is a jewel... read more

Six Black Candles

Des Dillon's Six Black Candles centers around six sisters who set out, with their Ma and Grandma, to avenge the infidelity of the eldest sister's husband. The eldest is Caroline. Having bought her council house in a decrepit 1960s Coatbridge block, her husband Bobby has done a runner with the bab... read more

Six Degrees of Separation

When a young and effortlessly charismatic black con man claiming to be the son of Sidney Poitier himself smiles his way into the sympathetic living rooms of a few of New York City’s white wealthy elite, and tears a swath of disillusionment through their preconceptions and comfortable lives, the t... read more

Skeleton Crew

The third play in Dominique Morisseau’s cycle of plays called The Detroit Projects, Morisseau’s undertaking to examine the socio political history of Detroit, Skeleton Crew explores the effects that the Great Recession had on the people of Detroit. Skeleton Crew focuses on three workers, Faye, Sh... read more


On a chilly night in East London, schoolteacher Kyra Hollis receives an unexpected visit from Tom Sergeant, Kyra’s one-time boss and long-time lover. After the painful dissolution of Tom and Kyra’s relationship, the pair have pulled away from each other physically, emotionally, and ideologically... read more