Princess Carolyn  Law

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Princess Carolyn Law

Performer, Actor, Dancer, Singer, Model

Mezzo-Soprano Adult

  Vancouver, British Columbia

ABOUT Princess Carolyn

Author, Actress, Singer, Dancer. The professors stated "The bravos I(me) received during and after the performances' are well deserved. My skills in theater acting are excellent." Hollywood in Toronto Ontario, Montreal QC, and Hollywood U.S.A. I have worked with Hollywood for twelve years with contracts. Specialties are dance and singing. I have preformed in leading roles in amateur and professional theater productions playing characters as housewife, executives ,and female roles. I enjoy acting. I enjoy theater. I am a Hollywood President. I plan to make acting my life long career.

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Pilot for a new TV show

Townspeople mother with leadership skills.

NBC casting

Audience section actress

Disney FROZEN Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa. I'm the historians' true Queen Elsa

The Jessie Venture Story

Town person in committee

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